Right?!?! Episode 1

Things that make you say “Oh, right?!” because they happen to EVERYONE. ALL THE TIME. Maybe they just happen to me. In either case, let me know which you relate most to: 

1. Showers that squeal when the water pressure’s too high. Boy can they hold a note!!!

2. Extra buttons sewn onto the inside of a shirt simply to confuse children.

3. How you can buy fifty thousand gallons of soda for a penny but a bottle of juice costs four bucks. 

4. People that say “Y’know?” after every sentence and you stop saying “Yes” when you realize they’re not looking for an answer. 

5. Crystal balls on a pedestal. To make lawns prettier?

6. Owl City’s songs containing references that nobody can interpret, like lemon-juice dandelions, candy-coated nightmares and a Renaissance canyon of supermarket aisles. And btw, has anyone else noticed that Adam Young’s hair seems to be going through an identity crisis? (Not being critical—just relating, actually…)

And I wonder if we can communicate to pets with our minds.

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