Bedouin Vogue

Ever wonder what it would be like to live in a tent?

Imagine; you wouldn’t have to put up with the same neighbors for more than a few weeks. Get sick of Mr. and Mrs. Faraji? Move on to greener(?) pastures!!!

You won’t have to worry about landscaping. Your home won’t be there long enough for you to get annoyed by the arid desert.

There’s no indoor plumbing, but that’s okay—you’ll never have plumber expenses.

One of the most important reasons it would be neat to live in a tent: They are less expensive than houses. I don’t imagine people used to take out $200,00 tent mortgages(?)…

Home security system: Vicious dogs. Dirt cheap.

You get to wear a cool turban.

You get to speak Arabic which is da bomb.

You’ll be doing your part in making the planet greener. Camels are non-fossil-fuel vehicles, you kinda have to be frugal (reduce) when you’re in the middle of the Sahara, and who’s ever heard of an overpopulated desert?



2 thoughts on “Bedouin Vogue

  1. So interesting.

    Our planet has many kind of districts, warm, cold, wet, arid, countryside, towns, etc. We all belong to that planet and our life differs from each other. That is richness with different cultures and habits.

    We have a tent and we have making our night in them. It is not luxury, but to do so it gives experience which we carry in our mind for long time. Once we spent a night in Germany nearby a motorway and we listened the sound of motors all the night, but so what, that’s life.

    One point of view more.

    When visiting in hot regions, people are using coolers. In my country we have to heat our homes. I am heating my house with wood and electricity. I think that wood is better than electricity for our planet, but anyway I need electricity also. I cannot use my computer for example burning wood, is one example.

    Take care.

    • Sartenada, thanks for dropping in again!

      Yes, one of the beauties of our planet is its abundant diversity. Differences make things beautiful. And living in a tent is certainly a “different” lifestyle. I don’t know what they do to keep cool…maybe that’ll be today’s posting. 🙂


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