Pretty Language!

Scripts are very important to languages. Not only do they help to transmit words, ideas, names, and stories over multiple generations, they also add a sense of culture to the…culture. What would China be without the stacked-boxes-look of the Chinese letters? How about India without the strung-on-a-line appearance of Hindi? Or America without its everything-in-its-place English?

What will become of the world if we westernize all languages? My post earlier this morning was about diversity in the world. The same thing is true tonight. All cultures are incredibly diverse, and to “Romanize,” alphabets takes away from them. Ever hear of people going into countries and westernizing the writing scripts? Take Turkey for example, which used to write with the Ottoman script (An Arabic-like affair). But Attaturk gave Turkish its Western, near-English script.

Good or bad? Shrug. In a way, it connects the language to the world. English is now the universal language. So putting a language in an English script, in a way, makes it more globally relevant…?

Differences are good. Let’s enjoy them, and not invade the world with the Roman alphabet. 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Pretty Language!

  1. It’s both good and bad. There are some things you can do with other scripts and languages that don’t translate exactly into English. It would be a shame if those nuances were lost.

  2. True true. That’s just what I’m saying. Certain phonetic sounds, like M or R, are nearly identical between languages, but there are others which just can’t be cloned by Latin scripts. A چ by any other letter would not sound as sweet! 🙂

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