The word of the day is: Scrapbooky.

On my WordPress Visual Editor, there’s one of those annoying red-squiggly-lines underneath the word, but I don’t really care. It’s a good word, and chances are that you know what I’m saying anyhow.

To me, scrapbooky means “Multiple elements thrown together, ideally to create a visually appealing combination.”

“Oh how interesting,” they may say politely. Or, “What an eclectic composition.” What are they really thinking? “CLASH!!!!!! What a hideous mess!!!”

This dude in the picture has got it under control. He’s harvested the meaning of “Scrapbooky,” and has completely used it to his advantage to create a striking image of the nomad. Pick up a Kufiyya in Al-Riyadh, grab a camel from the Sinai peninsula, and buy a vest from your local Arabic “Wal-Mart.” Make sure the colors sort of coordinate (or maybe not), and call it good. Bedouin Vogue.

You can look at the whole world and call it “Scrapbooky.” The whole planet is so ridiculously diverse, and there’s elements of everything in the world all over the place. (Ha ha, if you didn’t pick up on it, that was a self-referencing sentence…) You’ve got the colorful Indians, the black-clad Londoners, the blue-jeaned Americans, the dark plains of Africa, the lush jungles of Brazil…

I could go on.

The point: Scrapbooky. It’s beautiful.

☝Photo Courtesy of In no way do I endorse his website or recommend it—I got the image off of Wikipedia.


One thought on “Scrapbooky

  1. You’re right. The world is wonderful in it’s diversity! What a bore it would be if everything matched, if the world were only shades of coordinating blues.

    Sometimes scrapbooky can be tacky and random, but other times, if it’s done just right, you can discover unexpected harmony between once unrelated things.

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