The Process of Querying

So yesterday I spent about five hours researching & writing query letters. Yah, a very productive evening. A hassle? No way. I got on a roll and was kind of having fun.

By the end of the night (9:30 or so), I had written six HappyQueries (why stick those two words together? Just a little Japanese Bento style for y’all). I heard about one author who sent out half a dozen queries and about two came back positively. So I should have a pretty good chance of “Winning.” They’re still sitting in my “Cabit’s Business” computer file, waiting anxiously for me to revise and send them. Can’t wait to polish them up and throw them into cyberspace!!!

One especially helpful site was Writer’s Digest. Great article called “24 Agents who Want Your Work.” Looking to get published? Check it out! I got almost all of my prospects from this ditty. Was it cheating to cut all that extra work out of the equation? No way. As we all know, the internet is the researcher’s best friend. 🙂 And so is Wikipedia, but…well, that’s a different story. (Especially according to college professors…)



3 thoughts on “The Process of Querying

  1. That’s a good resource and I’ll have to keep it in mind. I’m not at this stage yet when it comes to my WIP, but it would be great to hear about your experience. Good luck!

  2. I’ll say that Wikipedia is a great resource… for a first pass at research.

    For anything long and deep, of course, you’ll need to find more authoritative sources (with primary sources, if possible).

    The problem with wikipedia, of course, is that anyone (without any authority on a matter) can edit an article… but it tends to work out, in my experience.

    • Oh come on, y’all know that WIKIPEDIA is the LAW!!!!!!


      I joke that a professor complains that a student’s paper is “Full of profanity,” because the bibliography is full of Wikipedia citations. lol

      Maybe I should do up a number on Wikipedia one of these days…


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