Is Rest Really Necessary?

Wow Y’all!

Have been busy lately.

Not to compromise the quality of my blog posts, but I wanted to write something today for my faithful few readers so they don’t get disappointed when they visit.

Don’t you think the world is too busy?

Sure, I mean, we can go places as a society if we’re super-duper efficient. But don’t you think there’s a happy medium? I think we can be nice and busy, but when it comes to weekends, or evenings, relax. Have fun. God made six days to work, and one day to rest. And he did that for a reason, I’d wager. 😉

What does everyone think? How far can we go? Is it frivolous to set aside time to do nothing/to do things you enjoy? I know it’s hard for a lot of people to squeeze that into their schedule. But as individuals, and a society, don’t you think we’d grow in culture, community, etc. if we set aside three hours a day to indulge in creative pursuits, and enjoying one another’s company?

Maybe I’m just lazy…?


P.S. Sent out another query letter today. 😀 😀 😀 😀 4 down! Perhaps I’ll just continue sending out a stream of them until that 4-week mark is up and I start to get acceptance/rejection letters.


12 thoughts on “Is Rest Really Necessary?

    • Yah, balance is key (Except for when it comes to giving characters personalities…melodramas and sanguines are fun!). Thanks for stoppin in, and for the querying well-wishes!

    • lol, “There’s nothing wrong with taking advantage of the God-given institution of the Sabbath!” 🙂 Write that up on a piece of paper and post it all over your house, and maybe you’ll feel less guilty. 🙂

  1. You see, or ancestors didn’t ever take time to rest and relax. They worked all day every day just to eke out their survival.

    Our ancestors also died in their 30s.

    I’ll take the more enlightened road, thank you.

    • I like your connection between never resting and dying in one’s 30’s. 🙂 Kinda terrible. There are still work-all-day-every-day situations, but I would say it’s mostly in third-world countries (or just people taken advantage of). Isn’t that ironic? You’d think that it would be the other way around…(the country gets more advanced because of so many work hours)?!

  2. What a nice post!!
    7 days! we are not meant to be the slaves of the crazy world, are we? so yes I mark one special day which I call a lazy day; do nothing, just daydreaming:P, and have some iced tea when it’s hot outside, or hot tea when it’s cool outside.
    Thanks for sharing the link to my Love and Festivity; the posts are connected:-)

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