…And a Second Time For Some Things Too!

Not the number 2 we know and love. But a spiffing picture anyhow.

Second rejection letter. Very generic, only one sentence long. There’s a sort of mystery that lingers right before I click a new email from an agent open—Will it be a yes or a no? And then there’s that split-second when I fly over the words. It only took me about two seconds to read the body of the email, which was basically: “Thanks but no.”

Strike: Number Two. Like a pencil. There’s lots of kinds of pencils out there. Some are meant for writing, others for sketching, others for coloring. There’s one pencil out there that’s mine…it’s just a matter of finding that pencil and using it to sign a contract with a publisher.

Forgive me for such a poetical parallel…I’m listening to piano music. It kinda makes me thoughtful. 🙂

I’ve got eight more balls lined up. Maybe more. Hopefully I won’t strike out.



8 thoughts on “…And a Second Time For Some Things Too!

  1. Actually I’m inclined to think of the whole process a lot like job hunting. You send out your resume (query), hoping for a call back. Most are misses, but a few may get you an interview (a request for the whole), and then if you pass the possibly numerous rounds of interviews, you may be offered a job (a sale!).

    But yeah, a lot of it has to do with the right fit 🙂 Hope you find yours sooner rather than later.

    • It’s very much like job hunting. And I’m hoping I’ll have better success with this than with real-life job hunting. (Oops, did I say real-life? I mean day-jobs…Writing is real-life…lol)

  2. I’m sorry about the second response but believe me there is an agent for you out there, a right fit that will make you happy!
    It is somewhere between job hunting and trying to find the guy you want to marry I suppose 🙂

  3. The rejection is a path to an acceptance. I too, am trying, hopefully I can cope with rejection if there is any.
    Keep on trying, and thanks for coming by my site:-)

    • Hey Lulu, thanks for dropping in for a visit! The trick to coping with rejection is to A. prepare for it by sending out more than one query (I’ve been sending out about one or two a day), and B. considering it more a rite of passage than an “Epic Fail.” Glad to meet you…I’ll be hanging around your site in the future! 🙂

  4. I don’t know so much that you can strike out – it’s not like baseball where you only get three tries! You can keep trying, and if one book doesn’t raise any interest, you can write another and try again. It’s more like a video game where you have the unlimited lives cheat code.

    • The thought of writing another book is terrifying! 🙂 Hopefully it wouldn’t take me another three years to write. 🙂 Thanks for the encouragement though…there’s countless agents out there. Hopefully I’ll find that pencil I’m looking for…

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