Rejection is the Road to Acceptance

"This newbie author has atrocious spelling! And he wants me, his editor, to go through ALL these mistakes?!?!?! He'll never make it onto the Newe Yorke Tymes!"

Somebody left a comment recently, and that was “Rejection is the road to acceptance.” How true.

This is the last day of posting on my Queries theme. I’ve sent out ten queries over the past week or so, and have gotten two responses, both negative.

So here is the first translation. “Rejection is the road to acceptance – The road to being accepted is full of being rejected.” And that’s probably true.

The second translation: “Rejection is the road to acceptance – The only way to accept being rejected, is to be rejected many times.”

Wow. Profound. Or just bad reading skills. 🙂



8 thoughts on “Rejection is the Road to Acceptance

  1. First of all I do like the picture you chose to support your insight!
    I so agree with the translations.
    It’s hurt- it’s like unrequited love! but we’ll find our “true love” at the end.
    Rejection only makes us better, and stronger!
    Thanks JP
    and happy weekend!

  2. Thanks for commenting Lulu! 🙂 It is annoying but you’re right, it makes us stronger and more experienced as writers. Happy weekend to you too! (although I suppose you’re already at Sunday in Indonesia…)

  3. Very funny. Not the rejection part, of course, that’s likely to involve many boxes of tissues, and a fragile self-esteem. But I do agree that rejection leads – eventually – to acceptance. All published authors, even the best-sellers, will have a large pile of rejection letters.
    Acceptance lies ahead for the writer who keeps learning and improving. Not sure what happens if he/she doesn’t grow with the rejection process…? Perhaps in that case rejection keeps leading to more rejection?
    Great post.

    • Thanks, milkfever! Yes, I’m kind of looking at an inevitable pile of rejects. 😦 Although if all great writers go through it, I suppose I should consider it an honor…? 😀 *mysterious tone* Or maybe not…

  4. HAHA LOVE the picture- hilarious! 🙂
    The good news is I’ve never met a writer who’s never been rejected… So at least in this business, yes- the road to acceptance is through rejection. Which shows that your compass is showing the right direction! Keep hoping and fighting for your book, it.will.happen! 🙂

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