Ow! Charlie!!!!!

How many people have seen it? Come on, y’all know what I’m talking about. Those two kids sitting in an armchair laughing through British teeth. “Ow! Charlie!!!”

Yes, it’s Charlie Bit Me.

(At about 40 seconds, you can see what “Charlie” will look like at 28 years old. Ha ha…)

According to Time magazine, this is the number one most viewed video on Youtube. It has over two hundred million hits—To put this in perspective, about 361 million people on Earth have access to the internet.


The video was uploaded so the boys’ godfather could watch it. It wasn’t supposed to be anything “Viral.” Just a family video. But something happened…Their mom, Shelley, says that “The video got on to a college networking site in the US and from there it went viral. I think the British accents have helped make it so globally viewed.”

It would be kind of sad to be famous so young. I wonder if it gave them an attention complex?


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