Charlie and Internet Stupidity

The Fail Whale. Peanut-Butter Jelly Time. Charlie Bit Me. What do these have in common? They’re all really stupid!!!!

The internet is possibly one of Man’s greatest inventions. It allows us to transmit almost anything to family, friends, acquaintances, and even enemies in a matter of SECONDS. Isn’t that incredible? Tell me, when in history was this possible?

And Possible means Possibilities, and naturally, some people exploit these.

We see it all the time, and one of the greatest venues for exploitation of this is Youtube. Stupid videos pervade this website, such as the notorious Charlie Bit Me.

The internet would not only be safer, but would also be more enjoyable, if the vastness of it was concentrated. Perhaps we could delete extraneous sites…the outdated, the poorly-crafted, and the downright offensive. Should there be some sort of standard that goes up? Should we raise the bar on the web?

(Keep in mind, the opinions implied in these questions are not necessarily ones I agree with. I’m just generating thoughts. *Smile*)


P.S. Speaking of internet stupidity…


6 thoughts on “Charlie and Internet Stupidity

  1. But one man’s garbage is the next man’s treasure! Who would be the arbiter or quality? Taste is so subjective. I actually quite like that the internet is an anything goes kind of place. There are so few venues for that kind of thing, for unbridled creativity, strangeness, and oddness in the world. People already find a way to filter through the noise, and find what they like. Like minds will find a way to connect through it.

    Just some thoughts. 🙂

  2. This is not dissimilar to a post I wrote recently about the internet and the fact that it relies on our belief that people are good. Most people use it assuming that people are honest. I think you have a good point, there is a lot of rubbish out there but I don’t know that you can start policing it. Taste is subjective so what you think is crud might be really appealing to someone else. How would you pick a group of authoritative figures to determine what stays and what goes?

    • I think it would be sort of a shame to do this. You’re right; taste is subjective. The head of the “Internet Police,” may decide one morning that self-oriented blogs are pointless, and delete them all. In which case, we emerging authors would lose this wonderful venue. 😦 Yes, it definitely seems like a Pandora’s box.

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