Sushi Through the Years

This is Sushi. (Well Duh.)

I think y’all know what sushi is so I’ll spare you the lengthy description. Above me you will see an old picture…from the Edo Dynasty (1600-1800’s). And sushi’s still alive and kicking, hundreds of years later.

This world is all about change. And things change all the time. But there are some things, like yo-yo’s, butter, sherpas, and sushi, that extend their role in the play for all it’s worth.

Can you imagine centuries years in the future…will Television, Dorito’s, and Baseball still be around?

Writers: Will your books still be around, or just a fad “Kick?”

Artists: Will your art still be around? Or will it fade on the wall, and get relegated to yard-sale material?

Movie stars: Will your movies still be around? Or will they get stuck in the “DVD” era, and never move to (fill in the blank with whatever comes next, which might obsolete DVDs like what happened to those poor VHS’s)?

Will you be forgotten?

Just somethin’ to think about.



3 thoughts on “Sushi Through the Years

  1. God, I hope not. Books have been going on for ages, I don’t want to imagine a place where they’ve been replaced with something.

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