Go For It!

"This raw fish is seriously going to make me SICK!!"

Honestly people, let’s admit it. A lot of us are scared to eat sushi.

Not because it has teeth and looks like it will attack us. Not because we have a prejudice against the Japanese. Not because we think it will taste gross. But because of the RAW FISH!

“Surgeon general’s warning: consuming raw or undercooked meat may cause illness, serious illness, critical illness, or DEATH!!!”

Okay. So with this ubiquitous warning in mind, I pose the Q: Why do we eat raw fish with vinegar-soaked-rice?

…You know, a lot of things endanger our health daily. We drive cars (Google the stats, people. Come on, seriously), we ride on planes (No explanation needed), we cross the road (Again, no explanation necessary), we walk down stairs (“I’ve got a good idea: Let’s hurl our bodies down a set of sixteen consecutive cliffs!”), we get out of bed (you know how many people hurt themselves rolling out of bed?!), we eat eggs (which might have salmonella!), we drink water (which may have an amoeba!), etcetera, etcetera. Some people even go sky diving! :-0 (P.S. This last item just may have the least chance of killing you. Btw. Interesting fact.)

But when it comes to raw fish, there’s this sort of stigma that goes with it. “Ew, we can’t eat THAT! It’s RAW! Come ON people, SERIOUSLY!!!”

But dontcha think, just maybe, if it were poisonous, people would stop eating it after all these years?!

When the medicine people in the jungle tell you to go drink mud mixed with palm root to cure a headache, don’t you think they know what they’re doing? Of course they don’t have a PhD! They’ve lived in a jungle all their life!

Give him a little credit who has more experience than you.

Go for it.


P.S. I don’t endorse sushi, nor do I really recommend that you eat it. But it makes a dandy argument, and a spiffing blog post.

A paradox? Maybe. 🙂


14 thoughts on “Go For It!

  1. Contrary to the popular idea, it’s not all raw fish – not by far. There are cucumber rolls (rice + cucumber) very innocent. Tamago (sweet scrambled egg on rice). BBQ (eel) fish on rice. Pickle rolls. California rolls (cooked crab meat, avocado, cucumber) are a usual introductory sushi.

    The fish is also treated to a deep freeze for several days,to kill any bacteria. You can tell right away if it’s off. If it smells fishy then it’s bad. Only the freshest will do.

    It’s not scary! In fact I think I’m craving some right now…

    • I think I’ve had barbeque eel on rice before! It was good! Of course, that was the ONLY sushi I’ve ever had…

      Writing these posts, I’ve been building up a craving over the past few days. I might try some if it’s convenient in the near future.

      Enjoy yours if you eat some! (Eat some extra for me…I’ll save on money and health risks!)

      • Humans are strange. It’s a reasonable conclusion.

        How about coffee? I hear that the adrenaline spike is from your body reacting to a poison. :-0

        Same thing with cigarettes and alcohol.

        Tell me, whatever was wrong with horse-drawn buggies, baked haddock, tea, and well-done hamburgers? lol

  2. Comical… I really liked this post. And getting off on a tangent (but I warned you so that it is fair for me to pass GO with this one) I cannot stand when someone makes a statement about something they like and the other person automatically jumps all over their back about it.. We get it, we get it, everything these days is a health hazard.. If I want to eat sushi then I will and I won’t worry about the dangers of it unless I choose to. Fair?

    Great post.


    Hannah Katy

    • He he! But you’ve gotta at least give your friends some credit for watching your back. 🙂

      And me…(you read my post disclaimer? lol)

      Thanks for stopping by!

  3. I don’t think I will ever eat Sushi. I’ve seen the picture of someone’s brain who consumes Sushi quite often; that’s just scary.
    So credit to Sushi for inspiring you? hehe
    nice post for a scary object!

    • Oh come on Lulu, have some fun! lol

      The pictures you saw of the persons brain were the product of lots of sushi, not some sashimi every now and then. And BTW, have you ever seen a picture of the brains of people who use cell phones often?

      Again, I don’t endorse sushi, I’m just arguing for the sake of arguing. 🙂

      • LOL! this is entertaining
        Luckily I am quite left behind when it comes to cellphone. even my cellphone is very old version.
        Happy Sushi day:-)

  4. I love sushi! So much that last year I actually took a curse and learned how to make it… But, no- I never tried to make it at home and have people actually eat it, if they get poisoned or something, then it’s on me… 🙂
    I love doing unconventional stuff, life’s too short to play it safe so… come on, let’s have some sushi 😉

    • I actually would like to learn how to make sushi. Which is a big deal cause I don’t cook. 🙂

      Have you ever made it just for yourself, or to pack in a bento box for work?

      • I don’t cook as well, which works just fine since you don’t do much cooking when it comes to making sushi 🙂
        I tried to make it once at home but I couldn’t take a box of that ‘thing’ I made to anywhere- it didn’t even look like sushi 🙂

  5. Hehe. This made my laugh. My friend took me out for sushi a couple of days ago. I admit, I was weary. Being a vegetarian, I was not sure if their would be a lot of options for me. Alas, there were! I had the best vegetarian sushi ever and even learned how to use chopsticks 🙂

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