Pirates, Atlantis, Islomaniacs, and Mania-In-General

So this week I’ve started a new story…and it’s got an island in it.

Right now, I’m going to remain rather secretive about it. But let’s just say that it involves airplanes, danger, pirates, slaves, gravestones, rich people, and clues. It’s gonna be fun!

In honor of my obsession, this weeks theme is islands and everything islandy!

An Islomaniac is defined (on Wikipedia, of course, the web-surfer’s #1 source for truth!!!) as someone who is obsessed with islands. It was once speculated that this was because an islomane (or islomaniac) was a direct descendant of the Atlanteans, from Atlantis. Because of the Atlantean’s irrevocable connection to The Island, descendants of Atlanteans have a draw to islands as well. Now, this is just a little weird, but I thought it was interesting.

Are you an Islomaniac? Or some other sort of maniac? Perhaps you’re a Pyromaniac, or a Food-maniac, or a Coffee-maniac?

Mania can be good in controlled doses. It adds personality. For instance, Harriet, a character in my Grand Novel, has a slight mania with desk references. But when mania leads to antisocial behavior, lack of interest in general, or social rejection, then there may be a problem.

…Oh wait, that’s a writer!!! 😀


32 thoughts on “Pirates, Atlantis, Islomaniacs, and Mania-In-General

    • Isn’t that fear of pushing buttons?

      And I suppose it would be classified as a sort of mania…being obsessed with being afraid of pushing buttons…

      • Not of pushing buttons but just of buttons in general, and in particular for me buttons used for clothing. The worst are lost shirt buttons just loose on the floor. I can’t look away. I can’t…but I don’t want to see…or touch… ~shudder~

      • I’ve conquered most of my phobia over the years and it’s not so bad now. I do have clothes with buttons, just not many. Thank goodness for the zipper! 🙂

  1. A… hmm…. Montomaniac, perhaps? I love mountains – the crisp, clean air, the view of the stars at night, the strenuous hikes, the spectacular views.

    Islands are pretty groovy, too, of course.

    • Montomaniac…interesting. Are your walls plastered with pictures of mountains, is your homepage emblazoned with a mountain, do you listen to “Rocky Mountain High?” every day at noon? That’s what I mean by “Maniac.” For instance, someone whose car, cell phone, computer desktop, kitchen and bedroom are all chocolate-themed, would have a case of chocolate-mania.

      • Okay, maybe not maniac then, although my gmail theme is the “mountains” theme. 😉

        And I do occassionally listen to Rocky Mountain High… and various other John Denver tunes. (Yes, guilty.)

        I’m definitely also a fantasy-maniac, though… as I invoke fantasy themes on every personal items that customizeable in such a way almost every chance I get.

  2. I want to comment on this post because I like it….but I don’t have a mania. If I had one I’d like it to be a bit unusual. Like a bobby pin mania. Or a purple-mania like my art teacher at school.

    • You’ve gotta be a die-hard maniac to have bobby-pin mania. 🙂

      Purple mania? Sounds slightly neurotic. But then again—someone once said that neurosis makes good writers…

  3. Islands, coffee, red wine, puppies, pink champagne, chocolate, laughing, flowers, especially roses, sunshine.
    There is a long list of manias. I am easily excited unfortunately.
    But thank you for planting the vision of an island in my mind, I really needed an uplifting vision, to chase away the bleakness of winter.
    X Lisa

    • When I say mania, I mean absolute, absolute obsession!

      Oh that’s right, it’s winter down there isn’t it? Poor lamb.

      (P.S. I loved your poem about doggies!! 🙂

  4. Mine would have to be Pirate-mania.
    … Yeah I’m weird. What can I say? I love pirates. fun fact: did you know that pirates elect their captain? Yes they do, and flogging people was more common on navy ships, than pirate ships.
    Also comma-mania. I use waaaaaay too many commas when I write.

    • A Piromaniac? Different than a Pyromaniac? lol

      Odd about the democracy thing. You’d think they’d just have a huge brawl and whoever was left standing would be the captain. And did you hear that there’s only been one instance of walking-the-plank recorded in history?

      And I can understand your commamania, because I am the same way with …’s. Let’s hear it for The Obsession With Awkward Punctuation Marks!

      • If they had a huge brawl, and the only person left would be captain, then who would the captain be the captain of? Besides the ship, of course. And the ship isn’t a person. I suppose it’s the interesting things that are remembered, and the trivial details that are forgotten.

        Comma’s, and Apostrophe’s, rule! haha!

      • Ha ha ha ha!!!!

        True, true. You had me laughing here. Maybe just at my own stupidity. 😀

        And you just used your apostrophes and commas completely wrong!!! rofl

  5. I love Islands! I wish I had loads of money so I can visit every island in the world! I’ve been to Japan and to Hawaii recently and I love Islands even more now. I want to buy an island like that guy who owns Virgin records. I’m not sure if I am a maniac though, but I am what you described at the end! lol I’m a writer. 🙂 So I guess I’m a type of maniac.

    • You’d have to have a LOT of money to visit every island in the world! Aren’t there thousands?

      And if you want to visit every island, and have your own, you just may qualify as a maniac. Q: Would you sell all your possessions just to own an island?

  6. Islomaniac? No! 🙂
    But I do love to be alone and I am kind of anti-social… And I have imaginary friends, we sit down and talk for hours… Oh wait, that’s what writers do! 😉
    Manias I have? Nature & stories… I am a storiemaniac!

    • I can tolerate being alone, but if I do it too much and get to thinking about it I get sorta lonely and depressed. But isn’t that just human?…Maybe you’re not human?! (Gasp) That would explain the imaginary friends, thing…jk, lol

      Storymaniac…that’s a good thing for a storywriter to be. Usually.

      I think I’m a peoplemaniac.

  7. Hi, I have missed some of your posts- ich bin beschaeftigt mit Deutsch lernen. Ich bin in Goethe Deutschkurs.
    Maniac? hmmm perhaps now I am a Goethe-Deutschkurs maniac Germanomaniac??

  8. Hmm… I thought I had posted “Ö”, however, it would have been more correct to post “öarna” and of course, it would expose my mania around Sweden, and a fondness for cryptic puzzles. I found it silly and obscure that Ö in swedish means island and therefore responded with that. And as for anti-social, my tendency for one-letter swedish replies can be somewhat anti-social ;P

    • Um, actually you did post Ö but I thought it was maybe as mistake so I delieted it! :-s

      You have a fondness for cryptic puzzles too? Brethren we are! 🙂

      Yes, but maybe good wrters need to sit out of the picture for a while and reflect. (Meaningful pause). Yah, maybe you’re just antisocial.

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