Now, forgive me for being so excitable. I know that a lot of bloggers have a plethora of awards to show off. Me? I got a porcelain teacup with flowers in it. Not exactly a guy’s award, but I’m not complaining. 😀

Okay, okay, truthfully, I am elated right now. I’ve been at this for a month and change, and already I got my first award.

I read that there are “Rules” to this award, which I shall list and follow below.

1. To thank and link back to the person who gave you this award (Thanks Lisa! Good job on your blog!)

2. Share 7 things about yourself (See below please…I don’t want to mess up my list!)

3. Pass this along to 5 bloggers who you recently discovered and who you think are fantastic. (Please also see below! And P.S., I changed the number to 5, because I wanted to keep it an exclusive award! Otherwise where would “Special” be? lol)

4. Contact the bloggers you picked and let them know about their prize.

In risk of descending into egoism…SEVEN THINGS BOUT ME

1. I love blogging! I am a BIG TIME blogger…I think I could write a book: “BLOGGING ATE MY LIFE.”

2. I do have a name. Joseph. I said that in the “About” box, but people still call me J.P.…WHICH IS OKAY, don’t get me wrong!!! I actually like the nickname. Just wanted to make sure that was clear. 🙂

3. I don’t have a favorite color.

4. I am a chocolate diehard, but I don’t like hot cocoa.

5. When I go to write “Idea,” I automatically capitalize the I. Don’t ask why…I think it’s a psychological correlation between the personal pronoun and the pronunciation of “Idea.”

6. I ♥ The City of Ember (movie), and think they should make a movie out of Book 4 (Diamond of Darkhold), although Book 3 (Prophet of Yonwood) may as well have gone out the window (No offense, Ms. Duprau!).

7. I cn spk fluent txt lnguage. Once I typd a whl tx wth mstly 1 and 2 lttr wrds!



1. T.S. Bazelli. Your Author Aerobics are great! The weekly challenge is a nice routine. Good job, keep up the good work!

2. Stephen Watkins. You are undiscovered now, Stephen, but keep working it, and someday you may be published! Good job balancing blogosphere with what sounds like a crazy life!

3. Lulu Ariana. You seem to find something new to teach about every few days, and in such depth too! Danke, gutes Glück wärhend der Zukunft!

4. Brown Paper Bag Girl. I’ve only known you for a couple weeks but your blog just stuck for some reason. I look forward to reading it in the future!

5. Lua Fowles. Sigh, here’s the unfair part…lol. Lua, you have about a billion blog awards already, but I must nominate you, just because it’s Bowl of Oranges. Enjoy this porcelain tea cup with roses. Keep up the good work!



21 thoughts on “My…First…Award!

  1. Haha Congratulations on your first award Joseph., you deserve it! I’m with you on #1- I love blogging and I love reading fellow writer’s blog’s such as yours 🙂
    And respect for your # 7- I’m still in training for that, I could hardly understand what you just wrote there!
    Thank you so much for passing the award to me, I’m honored- somehow it never gets old, I love it! 🙂

  2. Danke!
    I got another nice award! this has inspired me sooooo very much. I really your number 7, you know.
    and congrats for the award you got! you dsrve it, did I tlk lk y? cnt blv th hppn!! I nw wndr wht hppn if I wrt blg in th lngag?? wld you care to rd? LOL
    Thanks for the award you gave me

  3. Congratulations on your award and thanks for passing it on! I shall do so shortly, but I think everyone’s I know’s already gotten an award! hehe

    So would you rather us call you Joseph? 😀

      • Lol, I don’t mind j.p., or seph. But Joseph is a little too formal :-p

        Stephen, I had the same problem. Originally they wanted me to pass it on to more other bloggers, but I had to narrow the number down a little because I have a very small following compared to some people! 🙂

        Are you gonna put your pretty award on your blog? 🙂

  4. I like the name Joseph. I am fond of those more old-fashioned names, hah. Congrats on your first award, Seph! It’s such a wonderful feeling to get an award, isn’t it?

    Thank you for the lovely “lovely award”! 🙂 I’ll get it put up on my blog today.

    • Pink is unfortunately not my favorite color. I actually really like a warm warm yellow/orange (Sepia, can you tell by my blog background?) but I’m not sure about picking favorites. I usually don’t. Maybe I just don’t want to limit myself to saying that this is my FAVORITE color. But sepia def comes close.

  5. I like the background; sepia is friendly too, although it doesn’t quite sound friendly, probably because it sounds a bit like “seep”. Anyway, it’s a lovely colour. Very calming, and a little mysterious.

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