A Few Words on the Westlands

This is a further depiction of my fictitious world known as the Westlands. This week I will be remembering the fantasy world, and expanding it some more. If you’re confused, follow the “Further Depiction” link, or just leave a comment and I’ll clear it up. 🙂

In happy times, we recall
Emerald fields, and sun on all.
We remember golden days,
Warmth, and happy sunshine rays.

Yet all is gone, except a thread,
A single, wispy tale long dead,
Of days-gone-by, of hearts fed well
With the beauty of Eorth—
Which fell.

On the coldest side of the ring of Eorth,
The wool of mammoths bring us warmth.
The richness of grenjims* adorning our heads,
With seals underfoot, we’re safe from cold dread.

We live to thrive in the frozen day,
We will survive, we will yet stay.

The Westlands.

*It is to be noted that a grenjim is a sort of green gem that was used in the Westlands to attract what little sunlight there was, giving the wearer extra much-needed vitamin D.

It is speculated that someday, the Westlands will be restored to its first state. It is uncertain what caused the cold, and the sudden disappearance of the paradise-like climate. Some scientists had speculated a meteor landed, jolting the planet into an ice age, others said that the Eorth had changed orbits to a different star. While many speculations exist about what caused the cold, most scientists agree that there is evidence that some day, the ice will recede and all will be restored to its first, happy state.

The Westlands’ national poem (reproduced above) depicts the mindset of many Westians (Those from the Westlands). They are a strong, persevering sort, who don’t give up easily. To give up, in most cases, would mean to die. Over time, a strong sense of perseverance was drilled into the Westians, driving them to great scientific accomplishments and advances.

Inventions credited to Westians are: The cortek (A steam ship), grenjim-powder (used to fertilize plants), ice mining, water transformation (Using ice—an abundant source—to generate electricity), and the collapsible war tower.

Westians are definitely more practical than the silly Nortrishes, and humbler than the stuck-up Andorans.


16 thoughts on “A Few Words on the Westlands

  1. I like that poem. It has the ring of something told and memorized from child to child. I can imagine a game going along with it, kids chanting as they sing (like ring around the rosy, or london bridge).

    The touch of the misspellings Eorth, and other odd words suggest that this is a world similar but divorced from this one. Interesting!

    • While I didn’t have the kids’ game in mind, you’re right, it does seem like one of those haunting childhood sing-songs.

      It is a similar world, but twisted a bit, kind of like Narnia.

    • Kay kay, Paper Girl. But it might not be for another hundred years or so. 🙂

      And it’s not that bad a place to visit while it’s iced-over, either! So long as your in a warm house with good company.

  2. Í want to put an order in for a collapsible war tower. I think it might come in handy. How small can it collapse to? Handbag size?
    I love the sound of this world, and I’m glad to hear it’s home to Peka too. I want to know more….[that’s a hint btw]

    • First off, I would really really really like to know why in the frozen north you’d like a collapsible war tower. Political trouble in Melbourne? Pesky neighbors? Invading Andorans?

      And I’m afraid the war tower doesn’t collapse to handbag-size. It’s a little too big for that. I’d say it gets down to perhaps the size of a garage.

      There will be more to come…Sorry I missed the past two days’ worth of posting. Internet was down. (Aaaaaaggggghhh!!!!!!)

      • You got it; political trouble in Melbourne. But if the war tower only collapses to garage size, it’s not going to suit my purposes. Not to worry.
        As for the Andorans, they are no trouble at all. In fact, I had them over for dinner last night, and they were extremely well behaved. They claim you are spreading rumours about them. Tut, tut.
        Commiserations about the downed internet. Personally, I reckon the Nortrishes are responsible. Well, that’s what the Andorans told me.

      • “But if the war tower only collapses to garage size, it’s not going to suit my purposes.” Wow. Scary. If I’m ever in Melbourne, remind me not to go near any writerly-looking people with suspicious-looking handbags.

        You need to stop listening to the Andorans!!! Just because the “Prime Minister of the World” (again, don’t believe everything you hear from Andora…) lives in their region, they get really stuck-up and high-and-mighty. They’ll say anything to look good. So rumors or no, the truth is the truth, and that’s my job as a writer…

        Although they may be right about the Nortrishes sabotaging my internet. There’s a sort of down-with-modern-technology fad going around on Nortice. It’s spreading like the Sherasen Plague…

  3. Have you ever eaten Andoran chocolate? No? Well it is too smoothly-creamy-melt-in-your-mouth-dreamily good for words. I shall remain faithful to that superior race of people while they continue to supply me with the stuff. I won’t hear a word against them. Although, I must admit the chocolate does have some st…st….st…strange side-effects…

    • Andoran chocolate? OH YES, it is the BEST!!!! Belgian pales in comparison.

      They probably loaded it with Sherasen spices, which is why you are probably seeing stars right now. They can’t get enough of the stuff, trust me. I’ve known a few who have whole cupboards of it. They’re an extravagant people in general, and they love everything upper-crust.

      Just don’t eat too much, or you might find yourself with a stomach bug for days.

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