A Poem by Fes Ostonef

And this has been…The Westlands.

I liked it so much, I think I’m gonna break tradition and carry it on into next week. Hey, why not?

So as a final post, I shall include a poem sung by Westian children to remind each other of the days when the sun will come out again to melt away the snow.

The Man of the Wind
Told the green grassy glow,
Get off! Get away!
Give over to the snow!

Fled the sun, fled the birds,
Fled the merivather beast,
Fled the sunlight and the daystars
They all went East.

They all went East,
To Andora and Sheras,
To the faraway places
“To Elsewhere!” said Prince Als!

Someday it will melt,
Yes someday it will go,
All is sun, all is green,
Kiss goodbye the snow.

-Fes Ostonef, Westian Poet, 764.

Clarifiers: A merivather beast could be a mispronunciation of the merry-water beast, which is a sort of sea-horse (literally…people ride them). However, it is most likely an extinct creature, of which there remains little record. Also, a daystar is a star so bright, it can be seen during the day. Prince Als is a shortened version of Prince Alster, a legendary figure who supposedly conquered the Andorans before it became a royal state.

Fes Ostonef was a famous Westian poet who wrote many historical poems. He was around during the great climate-switch and documented many of the changes that took place. He’s regarded as a great historian who did great work for the Westians.


12 thoughts on “A Poem by Fes Ostonef

  1. I agree with Lisa- you’re so getting published! 🙂
    And this is exactly why I believe it is good to break traditions & rules from time to time (or you know… all the time!)- the result is beautiful, original and creative.

    • Aw, thanks! 🙂

      I can’t wait to be a published author. That will be the day. 😀 It’s encouraging to hear people (that I don’t REALLY know) tell me that I’m going to “Make it.”

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