Unstory Monday

“There it was, as massive as a mammoth, as ugly as a merivather’s front claw, as lively as a grajim, as foreboding as the cliffs of Serajkes, and as useful as…well, nobody knew how useful it actually was. Because nobody knew how to use it. And nobody knew what it was.”

Thus begins what will tomorrow become my serial. Lua inspired me to start doing a Story Tuesday, so it will begin tomorrow.

It’s very unfortunate that this is all I can throw onto Das Offizielle Blog for now. Usually I’m overflowing with creativity. But, the interesting stuff must wait for tomorrow. Sigh.

Yes, it’s one of those writing-days.

EDIT: Also, you probably noticed two things: I’ve changed the background, and I’ve changed the name. I’ve wanted a more distinctive blog title, so whoever has linked me, please note that J. P. Cabit: Das Offizielle Blog is now House of Happy.


12 thoughts on “Unstory Monday

  1. That paragraph sounds amazing! I’m so glad (and super curious!) you’re doing the Story Tuesday Joseph, can’t wait till tomorrow to start reading your story 🙂

    • Thanks Lua, it will certainly be a treat for both reader and writer! Did I mention that the story is a work of spontaneity, and I have no idea what exactly is going to happen? 😀 lol

    • It should be pretty neat, especially since I don’t know where I’m going with it…oh, and it’s Tuesay…Hmm, better scare something up quick, huh? 🙂 lol

  2. Ijust noticed the change of your site!
    It is even better this way- cool!
    I wonder whether I should try to make some changes to mine.
    Have a nice evening!

      • I think so.
        And I made “mistake” in naming my website luludandunia- only Indonesians and those who understand Indonesian know the meaning
        so I guess I’ll stick with Lingua Franca to make it more global
        Thanks for the encouragement!
        Hope you have a great day!

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