My Special Collection

A real quick post right now.

I have a special collection. On my desk is a moth. A little writing buddy who I don’t talk to, who doesn’t talk back, because well, he’s dead. Rather dead. He’s been dead for goodness knows how long. I’m afraid if I try to move him, he’ll get all powdery and fall apart to dust and pieces, like the last moth in my collection. It was a pretty pink specimen, but before I knew it, it was in little bits all over my desk.

I have a collection of old rags. Yesterday I had a pair of old jeans that I wanted to do something with, so I sat down for about three hours and made a cruchy-chewy, hippy-dippy cell phone holder to hang on my belt. I’m actually quite fond of it, but it sure took a long time to make. I’m either a very patient man, or a man with a terribly inefficient sense of time.

I have a collection of index cards. I scribble things on them, and throw them back whence they came—an animal cracker box. They’re rather handy and I’ve taken about a year or so to burn through most of this current stack.

What quirky collections do you have?


16 thoughts on “My Special Collection

  1. Moths? Wow 🙂
    I collect quill pens, masks and hourglasses…
    I have some serious issues with time, I guess you could say that I’m not a very patient girl or a girl with a terribly inefficient sense of time so I have no idea why I collect the hourglasses…

  2. I collect colorful bits of papers, and ribbons from presents. They come in handy whenever I need to wrap a gift or put together any kind of card. I’ve got a box of fabric scraps, but I don’t consider that a collection, hehe I just don’t want to waste the fabric.

    Oh I used to collect bugs: old dragon flies in jars of alcohol, moths and flies in film canisters. Then I collected stamps, calendars, and rocks. All of these are long gone now 🙂

      • hehe actually this past week I sewed up two throw pillows for the couch (full of scrap fabric). It felt so good to use it for something! Of course, in the process I ended up creating more scraps LOL it’s endless!

  3. Initially, I laughed about the moth, Seph, and then I remembered that not very long ago, on the window sill over the kitchen sink was a cute insy winsy spider. It was so tiny I didn’t have the heart to remove it. Days passed and the insy winsy spider met a really cute other spider and didn’t eat it (some do, you know!} and they got married, or whatever spiders do, and had four hundred baby spiders. All still very tiny and cute.
    Fast forward, a week, and these spiders were no longer cute or little. They became big black scary things. And I had to remove them. Actually, I had to get a friend to remove them because I was too scared of them by this stage. Plus, they never offered to help do the dishes.
    So, there is a moral in the above story somewhere.
    You’ll figure it out.

    • A moral eh? Sorry, I’m not feeling very creative. How about this: Little dumplings often turn into large dragons. Or maybe, The good may turn into the bad & ugly. Or a stitch in time saves nine. BTW, I used to think a stitch-in-time was a sort of fantasy, sci-fi thingy…kinda like a wrinkle in time. Kinda strange. Hmm. Anyhow, yeah, that’s a great story. Although how did four hundred spiders manage to live on one window sill? And how come the kiddies got bigger than their parents? Plot hole!!!

      • That’s a lot of morals for a man not feeling creative. Well done. I still don’t get the stitch in time thing at all..?
        And no, the kiddies didn’t outgrow mum and dad. Also spiders don’t need to be big, to be BIG if you know what I mean. I think the fear factor kicks in.

  4. I don’t collect insects of any kind (the cats are efficient insect eaters), but I do collect post it notes. I have eleven half-used 3×3 square pads in a rainbow of colors and a whole stack of written notes. I cannot throw the notes away because I could have a brilliant thought in there somewhere. But then again, I’ll never know because I have yet to read through any of them again….

  5. Hmm I used to collect stamps, but I have had too many now, hehe.
    I am actually collecting mugs now, hmm other than that? I have been trying to collect flags, but so far only the German flag and my own flag of course.
    very nice to know your collections:D who knows I can help you add them:P

  6. I have a collection of old, hand-written drafts, notes, hand-drawn maps, illustrations, etc. relating to a handful of novels and story ideas I’ve attempted to write throughout my life.

    I keep it because when I’m a famous author, all that hand-written stuff from my youth will be like paper-gold! Ha! As if. No, I keep that stuff because I’m a sentimental sap.

    • I collect the same thing. I have a few con-scripts tucked somewhere, actually, that I thought were too pretty to throw away. 🙂

      Maybe it will become paper gold some day!!! If that’s the case, I will someday be a millionaire for all the pictures/drawings I have. 😀

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