Eat Less to Sleep More

أقلل طعامك تجد منامك

“Eat less to sleep more.”

How bout them Arab proverbs? So true! I find that this is how I live, whether it be writing, drawing, or socialization, or whatever. I eat less to sleep more. That is to say, I often forgo eating to satisfy some other need…well, not need, want, most the time. I go to bed hungry. I put off eating lunch if I’m “In writing mode.” If I’m playing a game with someone, I’d rather finish it than go hover over the buffet table.

It can even go the other way for me; sleep less to write more. I do some of my best writing at eleven at night. I’d rather stay up late getting things done, and wake up tired, than to go to bed early, so I can wake up early and get more things done at the beginning of the day. Healthy? Maybe, maybe not. It’s all about priorities.

Would you rather have a full stomach or pay off your sleep debt? Would you rather have eight hours of sleep or write those eight hundred more words? Would you rather make it past Go and collect $200 one more time, or pass the buffet table and collect two hundred pounds? (Okay so maybe that’s a little much, but parallel sentence structure is important.)

Do you have any quirky priorities?


14 thoughts on “Eat Less to Sleep More

  1. I eat to live, I don’t live to eat! 😉 I most certainly forget to prepare a meal until my stomach starts rumbling… but I do get a lot of sleep, mostly because if I hand-write, my hand starts aching after some time, if I type, my back starts aching, so I can’t spend too much time writing anyway… besides, sometimes I stay in bed to tell myself some other story that I might eventually write down… so that’s not wasted time! But eating… yes, definitely! 😉

    • That sounds like my situation… 🙂 I was up until midnight last night writing. 1500 words. See? What did I say. For me, writing is more important than getting to bed early. That and I had 2 and a half cups of coffee…

      • No, American 🙂 Italian coffee, I assume, is super-strong?

        Yes, if it were Italian, I’d probably be operating on your time zone right now. 🙂

      • yep, the one I miss the most when I travel outside of Italy! Although I’m not a coffee lover, I drink it for my low blood pressure… which means when I travel outside of Italy I’m sleepier than when I’m here! 😉 I used to drink many, now I have only a cappuccino to start the day and a coffee after lunch – unless I’m VERY sleepy, then I’d have another. And I love ginseng coffee! 😀

  2. It’s definitely “sleep less to write more” situation for me 🙂 If I’m writing or reading a good book at some late hour, getting sleepy actually annoys me!
    But I do enjoy eating (and I can’t cook… or boil water, go figure!), I like tasting different foods and long dinners…

  3. Wish I’d grown up in France. I love coffee, good coffee, not that instant rubbish and it helps me write. I’d rather write, or read, than sleep. But sometimes I force myself to bed early [11pm] if I’ve had too many late nights, which happens a lot. It’s a balancing act.

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