“The Fresh Sea Air”

Hey all, here’s this week’s Story Tuesday! We answer a question this week…who is Avther Komenk? Is he the uncle, or not…? Hmm hmm hmm…I love torturing my readers. 🙂

And an announcement: A new site is opening! It’s called Serial Central, and it’s dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal…(*whispers* “wrong dedication!” “what? oh, sorry”) Um, dedicated to a different episode of a different story every day of the week. Explained further on the site. He he. Enjoy.

Banager’s Lights

Chapter 3. The Fresh Sea Air

@ @ @

The two tumbled on the floor for a second. Rarawsh had managed to pull himself away from the crazed Mr. Komenk momentarily, long enough to grab the bottom rung of the spiral staircase and yell, “Help!!!”

In a few seconds, a second Sherasi—even darker than Rarawsh—was down in the hull with them. He knocked Mr. Komenk on the head with the butt of his gun, sending the man to the ground for another time.

“Your friend is troublesome,” Rarawsh stated the obvious to Azen, who fixed his eyes on the ground.

The second Sherasi grumbled to Rarawsh, making motions to the man on the ground sleeing quietly, and ascended the stairs.

“We’re here,” Azen was informed. Azen looked up quickly. Where was “Here?” Was “Here” Andora? No, Rarawsh had said that they were going Cales. That was on the eastern side of the Westlands; one of the only ports from which Andora accepted Westian vessels.

“Where is that?” Azen asked.

Rarawsh didn’t answer, he only climbed the staircase and beckoned for Azen to follow. Azen took a quick glance at Mr. Komenk on the floor. His old eyebrows were furrowed slightly, as if in an unpleasant dream. Azen wished for a second that he could be let into Mr. Komenk’s dream—if only to gain some insight.

His boots clunked on the metal grating, until he came up to the top deck of the tank. Sunlight shone down, although slightly diffused by a mask of lumbering, silvery clouds. Azen looked around, inhaling the sea air. He took advantage of the chance to observe what he gathered would be his traveling companions for the rest of the journey. There was the man and the woman, and the sunlight did not provide much more on their appearance than he had seen that night. The smell of expensive perfume masked the salty air, as his mind switched signals momentarily. He turned his attention to the two Sherasis, Rarawsh and his fellow, who was wearing a belt laden with a variety of knives and swords. His eyebrows came together in the middle, like a bridge across his piercing, hazel eyes.

Now he turned his attention to the striking landscape—A gray sea sprawling out ahead of them. Between them and the stone-colored vista was the Port of Cales, simply vibrating with activity. Old buildings were streaked with white, scarred by the highly salty air.

“We’re here,” Rarawsh repeated.

“Yes,” said the man. “And it’s time our guests get their instructions.”

– – –

Mr. Komenk’s eyes slowly opened. “He’s good enough,” the man said. “Now, our two Westian companions, listen carefully. You must follow our instructions. If you don’t, then it will mean…rather painful consequences.”

The two Westians nodded (Mr. Komenk a little more sluggishly).

“Do not speak to anyone. We are telling them that you are from the Srish region, and you don’t speak a language that anyone would recognize. I cannot stress how important it is that you don’t speak to anyone, or let on to anyone that you understand them. Understood?”

They nodded again.

“Good. Now, down into the hull. The next time you come above board, hopefully, will be in Andora.” He was wrong. The next time they came above board would be in the middle of the Norden Sea, and not on an island either.

Azen, Mr. Komenk, and their escort, Rarawsh, climbed down into the vehicle. After Mr. Komenk curled up in the corner to sleep off some head pain, Azen turned to Rarawsh and asked him, quietly, who Avther Komenk was.

“You don’t know?” asked Rarawsh in a little wonder. “He helped the rebels with the weaponry during the Royal War, back before the queen retook power. I thought you would know…Mr. Komenk didn’t mention him at all? Hmm. Little wonder. I don’t imagine he’s very proud of when he helped his uncle give power to the rebels.”

“Mr. Komenk helped Avther deliver weapons to the rebels?”

Rarawsh nodded. “But, if he didn’t tell you, I ought to keep my mouth shut. There’s a reason there are stripes on my back—Would you like some tea?”

Azen nodded, confident that Rarawsh would keep his mouth shut on the issue. He may as well enjoy some tea. Or try.


15 thoughts on ““The Fresh Sea Air”

  1. Oh my. This is getting very intense. I’ll tell you one thing, you’re very good at keeping readers guessing and cutting off at the right places. If you’re aiming to torture us, you’ve succeeded!

    • He he, intense is good. 🙂

      Are you enjoying it? Are my segments too small? I confess, I wait until like eight o’clock at night to write them (Most of the time I get an “Oh my goodness, it’s Tuesday!” at around 1 o’clock in the afternoon). So my attention span is about to snap by the time I start. 🙂

  2. Haha I agree with Miss. Rosemary!
    At least we’re getting some answers- finally Rarawsh tells us that Avther Komenk is the uncle 🙂 Great part Seph.
    And what is this new blog you’re talking about? All men are equal? I should go check it out at once 😉

  3. So you were serious when you revealed the guy was Mr. Komenk’s uncle. I thought you were kidding!

    Why did they take the two men away? (Since you revealed a tidbit last time, just thought I’d try again).

    • Well, I kinda was kidding. At the time. Then I changed my mind.

      “Why did they take the two men away?” Well, why not? Do they have to have a reason? 😀 lol

  4. Uh, yeah…they must have a reason! Even crazy people have reasons for doing something, even if the reasons are half-baked (like because the sky is purple at sunset or because their feet were too big). If you don’t make them have a reason for taking the men, then their world is just an orderless chaos! You can’t let that happen…you have to give them a reason 🙂

    • Well first of all, I am the Great and Powerful Oz of my story. And if I say they don’t need a reason, they don’t need a reason.

      Got that, characters?


      Second of all…yah, you’re right, they must have a reason. Otherwise it doesn’t make any sense.

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