50 Is A Big Number!

This is post #50! Yaaaaay!

So I’m throwing a small party.

Grab a plate and move down the line!

So, as all mid-lifers (lol, 50 is over the hill…), this blogger is reconsidering blogging. His beliefs, his networking practices, etc. Is blogging necessary? For me, right now it takes a pretty low priority. I still keep it up, but out of commitment, and not so much of pleasure.


Takes some, it's good for your heart (I guess).

And so (I say, dipping pita) you may see me out and about the blogosphere in the future, or I may vanish. But not without saying goodbye. Because that would be downright rude, in my opinion.

It would be a rotten shame to take down the House of Happy. I wouldn’t have anything online for potential agents/editors to look at (well, anything new at least). And that would be sad.

…Have some Turkish coffee.

This one's for you, Lua! πŸ˜‰

Well, so far at this party we’ve done nothing to eat. That’s fine. We must, since we’ve spent the past few days skipping meals to write.

Oh look, turkish delight!!!

Yay! Although I didn't really like it…

Well, this has been a swell party, y’all. See ya later. I gotta go jog off some weight.

P.S. I just created a meal that by chance progressively moved through dinner, coffee, and dessert in order! Odd…


21 thoughts on “50 Is A Big Number!

  1. What a party. Thanks for inviting me.

    But seriously. I’m hungry now. It’s lunch time so…I’m off to eat some REAL hommus, which is lurking in my fridge. I love turkish delight. What have you got against it?

    • I’m glad you took the time to celebrate with me. πŸ™‚ I will keep blogging. For now anyway. πŸ™‚ But like I said, I don’t plan on leaving without saying ciao.

  2. I’m sorry what were we celebrating? I got a little distracted there with all the Turkish coffee and the delights… (I LOVE those delights!) πŸ™‚

    Happy midlife crisis Seph! You’re not dumping this blog for a hot-younger-blond one now, are you?

  3. Aww and I just started to get to know the House of Happy. You throw one humdinger of a blogger party. That was delicious, and hilarious. Well, here’s a toast to your 50 post, and hoping that you stick around for a little bit more. πŸ™‚

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