Ow!! Charlie Bit my Blog!!!

Ow! Charlie bit my blog!

Um, before we get to the punch line, a little explanation on my brief hiatus. As some of you may have noticed, Story Tuesday was “Epic Fail.” Well, you see, my life has been rather busy lately. And thus, Story Tuesday will become Story Thursday this week! Or something like that. Because we all have priorities in life, and in mine, Blogging is not at the top. Even though I will still keep it up (as I have decided after all, he he), my life is more important, and will take precedence. Well, I’ll write some about that tomorrow (or will I?…). Today, I wanted to send out a juicy little thought-provoking post.

If you google Ow Charlie, I am hit #3. Yah. Pretty crazy. I mean, for the world’s number one YouTube video, you’d think a silly fan site or something would be up near the top, eh? No, I am hit number two, right after a couple YouTube links (which I do not recommend clicking through…), you will find the House of Happy!!! 😀 That’s me!!! What are the ODDS of that?!

I heard that Stephen once got a bunch of hits by a random RPG Google search. What was up with that? Dunno. But a simliar thing is going on here at the H.O.H. Besides google searches for “J. P. Cabit,” (hmm…literary agents checking me out? Yay!), I think “Ow charlie” has been my biggest hit-getter. In fact, I wanna say that I’ve been getting an “ow-charlie” google-hit every three days or so. Maybe more frequently.

Fellow bloggers: How do people find you? Do they mainly google your name, or a post you wrote…or do they just stumbleupon you? (Speaking of stumbling upon websites, I heart these new sharing buttons at the bottom of the post!) Or have you a random little fishing hook, dangling out there in the World Wide Web, that fish keep biting?

What bites your blog? Does it really hurt? Is it still hurting?

P.S. Also, thanks to this post, I hold down spot #3 and #4!


15 thoughts on “Ow!! Charlie Bit my Blog!!!

  1. Well, you already know what “bit” my blog. I still get a fair number of hits each day from that searches on that game, though it’s dropped off a lot in the past couple weeks…

    • “LOL maybe my blog’s too boring?” Ha ha ha!!! Absolutely not. 🙂 On your Google Dashboard, under Blog Stats, you can find the search terms at the bottom.

      • Make that… WordPress Dashboard?

        I’m not sure how different it looks for self-hosted WordPress versus WordPress.com. But on the .com under Blog Stats, at the bottom there is a section called “Search Engine Terms” that shows the most popular search terms that lead people to your blog.

      • Mmm, no it’s not included with the self-hosted version. I have a plugin for stats, but the most ‘exotic’ search term that was returned was ‘flowers in hands’ which is because of a picture I uploaded. Even then, that’s not very exciting hehe.

  2. I need to get in on this bait malarky. I reckon if I randomly put the words “Ow Charlie” in my blog it’ll lure unsuspecting blog surfers. Just completely randomly drop it in a sentence, even if it doesn’t fit the context. Hey, whatever, I’ll even tag it!
    Not sure how I stumbled across your blog JP but I’m sure you’ll be a famous writer soon!

    • I wasn’t baiting!!! lol, I have thought about false-tagging before. However I think it may be a wee-bitty-bit unethical…

      Glad you stumbled upon me, Ms. Sheep! Thanks for the encouraging words…

  3. Hehe, the minute I read your title of “Ow, Charlie” the image of the little boy said ” It’s hurt” became so visually visible that you are included in the image:D JP
    Hmm someone told me that he found my blog when he searched a poem on google, hehe I’ve started to realize I was really born to be a poet:D

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