“Die, Beast!!!”

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Banager’s Lights

Chapter 5. Die, Beast!!!

Rarawsh and Azen had coaxed Mr. Komenk to begrudgingly play a game of cards that night. He sat, stone-faced, angry with the world, analyzing his cards. What a bad hand. He was sure that the two of them had fixed the game in their favor.

They felt every wave that carried the vessel. It was disconcerting, but Azen found comfort in it—every wave was one more moment that the tank was carried on the top of the icy Norden waters.

“Whereabouts are we, Sherasi?” asked Mr. Komenk.

Rarawsh nodded his head from side to side. “Somewhere near Nortres.”
“That far already?”

“Yes. We should be in Andora in about a day. The Port of Nayvek.”

Suddenly, the ship shook, but only for a moment. All three held their breath and eyed each other searchingly for any clue to what could be going on. Again, they rode the waves, but there was a new sound above their heads. It was a shifting, kind of like sand dunes under the wind.

Mr. Komenk stood up quickly, dashing his cards on the ground, and grabbed the harpoon and dagger that Rarawsh had smuggled below.

“Merivather?” Rarawsh asked, choking on the last syllable.

“Decidedly,” said Mr. Komenk, rushing to the stairs. His two companions followed closely behind. What had happened? Were the folks above board safe? They clanged up the metal stairs, and peeked their heads above board.
There was nothing on the rocking platform. The door to the Andorans’ small shack was closed, and the second Sherasi sat sleeping at the foot of the entrance. There was no hint of a merivather.

“Nothing,” Mr. Komenk said, sounding a little disappointed. As they started to descend into their quarters again, though, Mr. Komenk yelled sharply and threw his harpoon at the side of the ship. Rarawsh and Azen looked up long enough to see the harpoon diving into the side of a scaly giant that had pulled itself up along the side of the vessel. It looked somewhat like a cobra, but it was too dark to distinguish much. “Go down below!” The dragon-slayer ordered, as he dove up onto the top deck. Azen and Rarawsh obeyed, slipping down the staircase. Up above, they heard another man’s voice—the Andoran’s. “What is—”


A gun went off, and something slithered back into the water. The two figured it was safe to come back aboveboard.

Mr. Kay, the Andoran who had fired the final shot into the merivather’s head, was shaking Mr. Komenk’s hand laughingly. “Excellent work with the harpoon, Sebashten! Wounded its perception long enough for me to plant some iron between its eyes. Your skill hasn’t diminished at all since we last met.”

“Please sir…” said Mr. Komenk pleadingly, inserting a silence where the last part of the sentence should have gone.

“They can know,” said Mr. Kay.

“No sir, they can’t,” Mr. Komenk urged. “They mustn’t know.” He avoided Azen and Rarawsh’s eyes noticeably. “Now…will you let us turn in for the night, please?”

“Of course, Sebashten,” Mr. Kay conceded. “Can I at least stop the bluff?”

Mr. Komenk nodded, and descended the metal stairs into the hold. Azen and Rarawsh were soon on his back, asking all sorts of unanswerable questions.

“Please, gentlemen!” Mr. Komenk barked, before curling up in the corner with his dagger still by his side.

Azen and Rarawsh glanced at each other helplessly, and Azen took his place on the floor. He couldn’t help jabbing Rarawsh sarcastically. “You see with my eyes now?” He went to sleep with a triumphant smile.


2 thoughts on ““Die, Beast!!!”

    • Hmm, rotten shame though that we didn’t get a very good look at it. Maybe next week

      And Mr. Komenk is a complex character. One which I have a vague idea about but will probably learn more about as time goes on.

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