Six Words To Summarize My Life

1. Best advice
Never leave your one & only hope

2. Milestone birthdays
I turned eighteen. Amazing, wasn’t it?

3. Holiday traditions
Pie, turkey, arguing, yelling, fighting…hysterically

4. Memorable meal
Boy, that curry was really good…

5. Siblings
Were my constant companions in childhood

6. Cheating death
I’ve never…God has for me

7. Trip that (EDIT: could have) changed life
Fell down stairs as a baby

8. What a child taught me
What the Indian head-bobble means

8a. Most beautiful words of a child
[Will have to think about this.]

9. Revenge is sweet
Um, not really—forgiveness is sweeter

10. Worst mistake
Would be to write it down 🙂

Thanks to Gospelwriter of Turtle Memoirs for the inspiration for this post. What a great idea!!!

A speculation that came from this list: Does “&” count as a word? It’s a symbol, I know. But it stands for a word. We don’t say “Salt ampersand pepper.” We say “Salt and pepper.” And seriously, who could possibly read “Salt & pepper” without pronouncing the & in his (or her) head?

A 🙂 doesn’t count as a word, anybody could tell you that. Because you read it, and don’t think of a word. You think of someone smiling. It helps tone down a sarcastic comment. Not to join two words.

But now, I’m rambling… lol


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