Sacrificing Necessity

What is more important than God, family, and friends?

“Um…(Awkward silence!)…Nothing?”

In an effort to keep my priorities straight, I have sacrificed necessity.

To attend a Bible study, I have sacrificed sleep.

To spend time with family, I can’t work that extra half-hour at my workplace.

To spend time with a friend, I have given up studying on a Saturday morning.

I might be a little tired…but that’s why they invented coffee! I might not be that rich…but you can’t take any ka-ching to the grave anyhow. My grades may suffer a little bit…but I’ll just work a little harder in a little less time.

For a while I have preached that enjoyment is an important part of life. Now it’s time for me to live it. (See? I’m blogging when I should be studying!) Sacrifice necessity for edifying recreation. Work a little less so you can have a little more fun. Don’t “Worry your pretty little head off!” all the time about every little detail.

Have some fun. Eat some ice cream. Enjoy life the way God meant it to be enjoyed.



7 thoughts on “Sacrificing Necessity

  1. It’s all about finding balance and cutting out the things that are unnecessary. Finding the time to have some fun, letting go of stress, spending time with friends, enjoying life – that’s necessary too!

    I think, yeah… I’ll have some ice cream tonight 🙂

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