A Wee Bitty Bit o’ Chaos…

Once upon a time, there was a neatly ordered blog that followed one theme a week.

And then there was life.

Life got in the way. It got all big huge and tangly, and I could no longer spend (guiltless) hours blogging.

So, Mr. Cabit shifted his attention to elsewhere. Elsewhere being the world of publishing.

From now on, my posts will no longer pretend to be centered around one-theme-a-week. Although this is already the case, I just wanted to make that clear.

Like my new motif? (I designed it myself. You can see the full version here…) It sort of represents the blog’s chaos season of life right now.

Mailing a query letter to the president of a publishing subdivision tomorrow. Please hope for the best with me. 🙂

Happy trails!


6 thoughts on “A Wee Bitty Bit o’ Chaos…

  1. I really understand what it’s like for life to get in the way. I think that’s a good sign, it means you actually have a life. And I adore the new design. Wonderful.
    Got my fingers crossed for you with the query. 🙂

    • You’re right, we’d have more of a problem if I was typing up a nineteen-paragraph post every day, in some respects, wouldn’t we? Let’s hope this query actually goes through…I’m praying it will…

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