Two Things

Two things today.

First of all, I joined NaNoWriMo! I’ve been keeping an eye on it for a few years, and have been interested in doing it. But I never have. So a couple nights ago I signed up for it!

Can I do 50,000 words in a month? I don’t know. But I’m going to try. It’s a lot for me to swallow! My Grand Novel weighs in at about 43,000(?) or so words. That’s my record. So 50K will be pushing it.

Yesterday was a wash. Brilliance was not at my command, and what I did write felt corny or cheesy or not-me. It felt like I was reading kids fiction from the 1960’s. :p Now kids fiction from the 1960’s is okay…but something about it felt just so blah.

So today, I sat down, wrote out Weslie, and started in on my novel. It is yet to have a title, but I finished out the day (so far) weighing in at 1,786 words.

Is it bad? Maybe. But I got to 1,786! Only 48,214 to go! Yaaaay!


I missed Montague’s birthday! It was yesterday, the 1st. I opened up his character document today, and realized that I missed it! Ugh! Can you believe it? Can I believe it? Can Montague believe it?

Public apology: Montague, I missed your birthday. 😦 Okay, it’s not really an apology…I’ve not known my character to bear a grudge. 🙂

Are we good? Okay.


16 thoughts on “Two Things

  1. Congrats on getting so much writing done! Every little movement forward is cause for celebration when you’re writing a novel. Trust me. Good luck, my writing friend! 🙂

  2. If you ever feel “Blah” again what I always love to do is start stories about my secondary characters, going more in depth into their pasts, or their futures. It’s especially fun if you have mysterious characters that no one really understands. I could write novels about my characters 🙂 good luck. I didn’t physically sign up for NaNoWriMo, but I am participating in my own way.

    • Thanks! Yes, actually its interesting you should mention that. One of my characters from my Grand Novel is named Alistair Dumas. This story takes place a century before that one, and the main character’s name is Weslie Dumas. Hmmmm…

    • I hope so. So far I’m on day three and only have a little over 2000 words. :0 Lots of catching up to do! But for now, I’ve got very little time to squeeze writing into if I actually want to be sleeping, etc. 😡

  3. Congrats on taking on the challenge! I know you can do it – just try not to think about the pressure of meeting the goal. Sometimes when I’m on a deadline and I think too much about it, my brain stalls out…maybe you don’t have that problem and I just have a faulty model…oh, never mind.

    Good luck 🙂

  4. I should proof my comments. After I clicked the Post Comment, I saw that my “to” should have been “too”…’don’t think too much about it…’

    Step away from the keyboard…

  5. Thanks for fixing it…it would have bugged me 🙂

    I haven’t queried for a couple months but I may send a few out by the end of the month…it depends on if I can pull myself together or not (I may do a post on that next week.)

    You’ll post your publishing status, yes?

    • NP. 🙂

      Your querying status sounds good. Didn’t you get a couple compliments from agents? I suggest following those leads, maybe asking for an endorsement. I mean what’ve you got to lose? 🙂 But seriously, if they say it’s good, but just not their style, maybe you want to ask them who you should write to. Just an idea.

      Of course I’ll continue to keep my bloggin buddies updated, unless I decide it best prudent not to. 🙂 A.K.A. I don’t want to trap myself with my words, I want a way out if I think I shouldn’t share.

      Yeah, I’m a little paranoid. 😀 Lol

  6. I noticed this Na No thing! sounds interesting, but hmm seems like a “burden” to me, perhaps I am not that gifted in writing long stories, I don;t know.
    Can’t wait to see your result:-)!! have fun

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