Like Eating a Pie

Mmm, the night is young.

And I have a thousand words or so to write.


I just went through a drawer of mine, and pulled out a huge chunk of loose papers. Most of them were print-outs of my novel, going through its many phases. Here’s version two…here’s the few versions of version two…here is a page of version one (I could only find one page of version one, I guess I did a pretty good job burying the past, he he!), etc.

I realized something recently. Don’t despise small beginnings. (Zech. 4:10) Don’t bash your old writings. That’s how you started out. That was your phase of being a writer. Who looks at old photographs of themselves as children, and says, “Oh, I wish that kid never existed!!!”


Is our writing any different?

Well, now I’m going to settle in for the long ride tonight. I’ve got quite a bit of writing to catch up on for my Nano novel. I’m about two and a half days behind, and I really want to finish this thing out.

Right now in the story, it looks like a dog got hit by a truck. It was mangy, but still it was a dog. Miranda feels pretty bad about it…she saw the dog, but didn’t think that it was worth stopping the logging truck. It’s not even her truck, it’s Tyrell’s, so she’s sort of on her honor. Moral dilemma. Poor girl.

Let’s see how this plays out!

Ever feel like you’re not creating things in your story, but you’re just watching a bunch of random things happening? 😀

Well, I’m going to go eat my pie now.

Later dudes. (And dudettes…)


4 thoughts on “Like Eating a Pie

  1. You know I never thought about it in that way. I’m never going to look at an old piece of my writing the same again. I’m going to look at it like a baby version of myself. YOU ARE SO RIGHT! We would be nothing without those baby writings. Good luck writing!

    Oh and you just reminded me… I had a craving for pumpkin pie… now where to get a slice…

  2. I keep an attachment to my early writing, even if it doesn’t live up to my current high standards (said sarcastically.) It doesn’t mean I can’t look back and laugh at it though (like pictures of me in junior high – did I seriously wear leg warmers and blue eye shadow??!!)

    It sounds like you’re having fun with your story. Poor dog, though 🙂

    • “Leg warmers and blue eye shadow,” Yes, I think I would laugh at myself too. (Although in my case it would be even more hysterical, since guys don’t usually wear that.)

      And don’t worry, the dog’s fine. For now…

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