So Random!!!



Why? Why? WHY?!

Why? Why must it be so random? Why must my character make a million leads for me to tie together?

My novel is progressing. Oh is it progressing. We’ve gone from a depressed countryside to the heart of a questionable city. So far, I’ve lost four characters…I’ve lost track of Mr. Dumas, his wife (Weslie’s Mama) is stuck in a penitentiary in Metz, Mr. McGee went ballistic and stole Miranda’s truck, and the vicious, mangy dog around which the escapade is centered, has vanished from the plotline. Miranda has changed her name to Eden Black, and Brevin, who appeared in chapter one, only to disappear completely, has been hinted at, getting off a blimp.

Why? Why must my story be so random? It’s thrown out a million feelers in different directions. For me to tie together.

Ah, how thoughtful.

At least there’s some things for me to think about in there somewhere.

I can take a lot of different directions. And usually, I like to throw out feelers. But this is a little overboard. There are so many ropes going everywhere, I’m not even sure how to tie it all together into a recognizable plotline. I’m really feeling for Weslie right now. When he was in the penitentiary, he was feeling kind of down. Like a piece was missing.

He still needed something, although he couldn’t think of what it was. Some little piece…that last little wedge in the puzzle that would piece everything together for it to make sense. He needed something, and he couldn’t tell what it was.

Well, Weslie, it’s too bad your author isn’t sure where he’s going either.

Okay, so which way do I go…? (This story is taking place nowhere near China, BTDubs)


After writing this post, I read the NaNo pep talk of the day. It can be found here. Wow! How on-topic is that!!!


6 thoughts on “So Random!!!

  1. if it seems hard to tie everything together into one novel, why not try to break it into short stories? or a novel that consists of X parts that have almost no connection to one another yet are somehow linked?

    i know this isn’t too helpful but you got me thinking again about what it takes to put a novel together:)

    • Hmm…This is a good idea, and I bet a lot of authors do this. But I’d rather keep the story all as one piece. This is sort of a further extension of my obsession for big things. It’s hard for me to grasp the concept a short story. I need to go big! I need to write something epic! I need to write something massive!!!

      Спасибо чтобы вы навищаете!

  2. hehe. Your posts are very fun, did you know that?

    Well, I’m sure it’s all for a reason. Sounds like a whole lot of fun to me. I hope you are enjoying the process.

    • Lol, thanks! 😀

      It should be more fun, I guess. Maybe I’m going at it wrong. Maybe I should be more happy.

      How about something a little more positive. “OH YAY, my story has a mind of its own!!!!!” But of course, I’m sure that’s what it’s saying about me…

    • Lol, I hope it’s not all a dream after all that work, he he!!!

      Yes, so far I’ve gotten Mrs. Dumas out of the penitentiary, and Mr. Dumas has been reunited with his son. So the whole family is back together again. Now about that dog…hmmmm…

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