I’m Craving

I’m craving Japanese food. Hot, salty, delicious japanese food.

I want fresh fried rice, coated in delicious oils, served with flame-grilled vegetables (grilled broccoli, oh yummy) and fat, big juicy shrimp. Oh yes. I want some shrimp fried rice, and a tall, glass of Pepsi (Call me un-American, but Coke is a little nasty).

Afterwards, I want to grab a bowl of ice cream. Maybe a cup of hot chocolate. Then, settle in with some friends for an adventure movie with good dialogue and plot.

Halfway through the movie, I want to take a break, to go off to the kitchen and get some more to eat. Maybe microwave some Japanese leftovers, get some more ice cream. The “Break” takes about fifteen minutes. Somebody who was “Just passing through” will drop in, and we’ll invite him to stay. Then we’ll find some cookies that nobody remembered ever buying, and go back to finish the movie.

Ah yes.

That would be nice right about now. 🙂


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