Okay, okay, I tell myself. After dinner. Then I’ll hit the sack.

My reasoning seems near-seamless. I’ll get to bed at a decent hour…six or seven o’clock. Then, I’ll have about nine, ten, maybe even eleven hours to sleep, and then I can wake up and hit my schoolbooks.

Dinner takes longer than expected.

It is seven o’clock by the time I start to look like I’m turning in, relaxing with a book that I picked up on my last once-in-a-decade library trips.

It’s a gripping story.

Okay, okay, I think to myself. Eight o’clock is a good time to fall asleep. Even then, with ten hours, I’ll wake up at five refreshed and ready to slay the day. After all, it is a really good plot.

I close one eye, and start breathing slowly to simulate sleep. Maybe, my body will sort of half-sleep and I can read just a little longer?

Okay, that’s enough reading for now. My journal has been neglected lately…Four pages later, it’s getting rather late. (P.S. I almost NEVER write four pages at a time!!!)

Well, I was enjoying my library book, so I pop it open again. I mean seriously…could it hurt? And I’m not tired anyhow.

Wow! Great plot! A real page-turner!!!

Okay, enough, Seph!!!

I turn out my light at 10:45.



4 thoughts on “Procrastination!!!

  1. Haha! I thought you were teasing me by saying “procrastination” because I have been doing so! bad bad bad!
    It seems that I need time to be a bit away from the internet to allow myself finish reading the novel I have been postponing reading since last February!
    Have a nice day!

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