Do Your Homework! :)

Happy November 29th!

Well, a while ago I sent a query letter to a publishing house is New York (ooh, prestigious!). I toiled over just how to write this letter, and finally, on October somethingth, I took the dive and mailed it.

(Somewhat) Recently, I discovered something that would’ve been nice to know before. The particular publishing house required that the letter have a SASE enclosed.

So, I don’t what exactly happened to my poor query.

It could’ve sat in the slush pile for days, weeks, months (technically, only a month because I sent it a month ago), years (not really), decades (who’s writing this?), centuries, (oh come on!!!), aeons (no comment!)!!!!

Or it could’ve been opened, the editor could’ve seen no SASE, and it could’ve been promptly given the boot. Poor query letter.

Alas, poor Yorick! I knew him well.

So today I re-printed a copy of the query, as well as an apology note for not enclosing a SASE last time, and mailed it.

Somewhat obsessively, and looking like something out of a movie, I made sure it went into the mailbox squarely.

I also learned another thing. This publishing house was somewhat difficult to find! I mean, I found it on the main site (it’s an imprint of a larger publishing house), but there was no address. I had to track it down over Google. Wow! You’d think that it would be easier to find, right?

But on second thought, you may realize that this is rather clever, and good news for me. If other people found it this hard to find the publishing house, then the slush pile should be smaller! And, once [the editor] reads my letter, she’ll see that I’m getting everything correctly, and she will thinks to herself, “Hey, self, I sees that this boy is done his homeworks!” And then, you see, she’s may having better time deciding, if isn’t this the right manuscript for the publisher house.

Forgive the bad English, I’s was just having little fun. 🙂


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