Tweeting, Acgh!!!

How do you pronounce “Acgh?” you may be wondering? Well, I think it’s somewhere between the “AAAAAAAAH!!!” one screams when falling off a cliff, and maybe the “Ich!” one might say when practicing one’s German, or the “Ugh!” one might utter when one has to go outside in the winter. Barefoot. In the rain.

I have recently started Tweeting, acgh!

I opened up an account the other day, and I’m now starting to get the hang of it. At first, I posted a generic “Just trying this out” tweet. Then, I shouted-out a “I’m a twitterer!” at someone I knew. Then, I posted a very business-like Banager’s Lights announcement.

Today, I started to get into it.

I rolled up my sleeves. I got down in the mud. I announced that I killed my internet so I could get writing. And when I clicked “Tweet,” and saw my message pop up on my timeline, I felt this nice, happy, “Ooh! I wrote that!” feeling.

It’s kind of scary.

Twitter has the potential to be a time-consuming monster. I mean, I find myself clicking the “Twitter” bookmark a LOT tonight.

It all happens so fast! That’s the thing with social media. Everything happens at lightning-speed. If I were to have a Facebook, I could status-update from my phone, “I’m in the car leaving work.” Ten minutes later, I could status-update, “There’s no place like home!!!” Etc. etc. all night long. If somebody checked Facebook twice a day, they might see that I’m on my lunch break, and the next thing they know, I’m arm-wrestling my nephew over a bowl of chips. I mean seriously? They’ll miss all that happened in between if I am constantly status-updating, whereas they only check twice a day.

But now…I ramble. 🙂

I guess the point is…Social Media can be life-sucking. Control it, don’t let it control you. Take it like chocolate…enjoy it but in moderation. Don’t spread your entire life on the internet. Save some time for real life.

Save some time to go for a drive with a buddy and eat McDonalds fries and listen to old tapes.

Don’t get too busy for the real world and all the blessings God has put in it for us to enjoy.

…Don’t blog your life away. (Dude, did I just say that? What am I doing now?)

Why am I still writing? Acgh!!!

(And that’s more of an “Acgh!” you say when you pull your hair out!)


10 thoughts on “Tweeting, Acgh!!!

  1. LOL I did catch you on Twitter! Hah! Yes it can take over your life if you let it, so be careful. I limit my time 🙂 Thank goodness I have no data plan for my cell phone or I’d be seriously addicted to tweeting.

    • Lolololol, yes, Twitter for cell phone is mankind’s enemy!!!

      And by-the-by, I actually have gotten into the habit of killing my internet and mail while I work. It’s pretty awesome!!! 🙂

  2. Social Media is life-sucking,
    like a sponge! I agree with you, you know even blogging!
    I actually can’t understand people who update-status each hour, or some minutes; telling people where they are, and what they eat, etc. My brother says ” those kind of people actually need attention, perhaps they don’t get those attention in a real world.” there is nothing more attempting than the fantasy the virtual world might offer.
    The point is taking control of these “devils” call Social Media
    Good luck, JP

    • He he, you’re right Lulu, perhaps they are lacking in real attention. 😦 But one must ask, why are they lacking? Is it because they don’t make time for friendship? Is it because in the “Convenience” of social media, they make more business plans etc. knowing that they can have time for friends in between obligations? And so they make less time for friends, thinking they will have more time for friends…?!

      Or maybe I should just go to bed. :p

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