It’s Been TOO Long!

Okay, it’s been TOO long! I’m forcing myself to write this post. Just a little update on my writing life.

First of all, that huge, agh-I’m-going-crazy-and-have-no-time-to-blog thing last week is over (Oh yes, oh yes, it is SO over!!!) and I have quite a bit of free time on my hands these days. So much I don’t quite know what [I want] to do with myself. I have resorted to playing old computer games. I know, it sounds like I have a miserable boring life. I don’t. Just lots of free time. 🙂 (well, okay, maybe boring sometimes)

Secondly, prompted by Lisa of MilkFever blog, I have decided (read: decided to start) to write a new book. It’s going to be called:

A Book of Brilliantly Bad Poemness

Or something to that effect.

It’s going to be chock-full of terrible poems! If you haven’t kept up with the House of Happy for a while, or if you’re just starting to read, I’ll get you up-to-speed on this bad poetry thing. A while ago, aforementioned Lisa wrote a post on bad poetry over at Milk Fever. Well, I really got into it, and I really like it. Writing bad poetry is said to be difficult, because of the fine line between brilliant and bad that you have to walk. You have to ride a bicycle on the edge of the grand canyon, per se. Well, I suppose I’ve got what it takes to “Make it” in the world of bad poetry (whatever that means…insult or compliment? lol), so I’ve started embarking on my quest to write this book. This is a crazy world. And I think that a coffee-table book of terrible poems (or “Poemness,”) just might be that chord that I need to strike to get published.

And as for Blue Bloods, the poor little manuscript is still sitting in the slush pile somewhere. 😦 I’ve sent it to two different publishing houses, and haven’t heard anything back. Yet.

Well, that’s it for now. Just thought I’d peek my head in here and say, YO! 😀

Peace out dudes! (And dudettes too, I guess, lol)


9 thoughts on “It’s Been TOO Long!

  1. It disturbs me a little to see how excited I am about you writing this bad poetry book, JP. But you are such a master. So brilliant. I defy anyone to try and write a brilliantly bad poem. It’s nowhere as easy as it seems. I have wrestled and struggled and sweated over the words, and they bring me no joy. They never make me laugh like yours do.
    This is your DESTINY.
    You have the necessary DEWRDER, my friend. Go for it. Make this world a better, funnier place.

    • If I weren’t so easy going I might be disturbed too. Lol 😀

      Thank you for your kind words, Lisa, they are so inspiring, I am so excited to be embarking on this new journey!!! 🙂

      Another leg of the trip
      That is looking like an
      One leg is invisible
      The other t’aint isn’t started yet
      But we will see the outcome in time
      To see which leg is standing
      Yes we will see
      Who is the last one standing
      But whichever way
      ! #

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