America the Beautiful

This week’s theme: America.

I don’t consider myself overly patriotic. But I do have a flag hanging in my room, and I like to whistle “The Star-Spangled Banner,” while I’m at work, and, on occasion, I am known to play “America, the Beautiful” on the piano.

This is a great country. Today I’m listing some things for which I’m glad to be in America.

1. Freedom of Religion – This one is probably one of our most important freedoms. It says that you can practice any religion you want…this is a little bit unheard of in World History. The Spanish Inquisition told people how to believe. The Crusades vanquished the unbelieving. Romans killed believers. But then, here comes this country…a country that says, hey, you can believe anything you want. Which is so true…I mean, how can you make somebody believe something? Could you ever make anyone believe?

2. Freedom in General – Hey, if I wanted to hang a big flag with a clown on it from my window, dress in all red with a yellow bow tie, drive a convertible in a thunderstorm, go to the doctor’s when I’m not sick and go to the candy store when I am sick…I can!

3. Capitalism – Oh yes!


10 thoughts on “America the Beautiful

    • I tend to be a positive person. 🙂

      I think it’s okay to reason with people to try to “get” someone to believe something (in a conversational way), but I don’t think we should force it upon people via brute force.

  1. At some point I consider myself patriotic. The “problem” is I love flags, and I am dreaming of collecting flags from all over the world.
    Hehe thanks for the history lesson:D

    • Your welcome Lulu. 🙂 I don’t think wanting to collect flags from all over the world is a problem. I wonder if there is a difference in definition here; where does “Patriotic” end? If it ends at pushing out other countries/cultures, then I’m definitely far from being patriotic. :s

  2. Thanks for the perspective! You are right, it’s so amazing that we can believe whatever we want without reproach.

    Although that does mean that people are allowed to believe the president is muslim and was born in Kenya.

    I guess you can’t have everything. 🙂

  3. Hehehe. You CAN believe you’re a corn dog and not go to jail…but there’s a good chance you’ll end up in a psych ward 🙂

    I had to stop nodding my head when you got to hanging the clown flag from your window. I live in America, but my HOA would be all over me. But, then again, I have the freedom to ignore them.

    Here’s to freedom!!

    • Psych Ward…well maybe we don’t have TOTAL freedom. But then again, will we ever, anywhere?

      LOLOLOL — Yes, that might cause a stir. 🙂 Of course, I’m not about to hang a clown flag from my window. But the point remains…I can if I wanted to! And that’s a nice thought.

  4. Not to bust the positive parade… but actually total freedom might never be such a good thing, anyway. Because total freedom would mean freedom to do terrible things to other people without fear of recrimination… but such a world as that is not one I want to live in (particularly being such a guy who is more likely to have terrible things done to him than to do terrible things in such a terrible world). I like the right amount of freedom, circumscribed by respect for the rights of others.

    • Yes this was sort of a positive parade…Party pooper :p lol

      You’re dead right. Freedom in appropriate doses makes the world go round. If we had total freedom, then we infringe upon the freedoms of other people, so I guess there’s no such thing as a completely free world. That is, unless everybody instinctively chose not to do terrible things to anyone. In which case, you would have total freedom, and total world peace.

      Unfortunately, this is not scheduled to take place through anytime soon. 🙂

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