An American New Year

But first, a poem.

An American new year
Comes once every year (and sometimes twice)
Where everyone here
Rings in the year
With a loud cheer
That hurts people’s ears
And could wake a dead deer.

Okay, okay, how about the traditional American New Year song, Auld Lang Syne? “And we’ll tak a cup o’ kindness yet, for auld lang syne.” Have a cup of kindness everyone. (Hmm…surprisingly it tastes like Ginger Ale…)

A toast, courtesy of hugovk

Here’s to a New Year filled with fun, friends, love, blessings, success in writing, success in publishing, success in everything that is good and wholesome!

This year I ventured out into the blogosphere, I went “public” online (aaaaahh!!! scary!!!), experienced the agent-querying process, started the self-soliciting process, got 14 or so rejections. Kills: 0. 😦

Publishing-wise, it has been a year of rejection. I’d like 2011 to be a year of acceptance.

Happy new year, blogging friends!

-seph 😉


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