Excellence in Bad

A new blog has opened up just yesterday. It’s called Excellence in Bad, and it’s a site dedicated to bad poetry. You can guess why. 🙂 I’ve started it, like Lisa recommended, hoping it will gather a following and generate some publicity for my upcoming book, DEWRDER.

That feels weird to say. “My upcoming book.” Like I write a dozen a year! In actuality, I only write MAYBE one or two a year, and have yet to publish any. So to say, “Upcoming book,” is kinda like I’m a published, famous author!!!!!!!!!!!

Well, that was a nice fantasy. Back to reality. 😦

Reality: DEWRDER has stalled out lately. I don’t know why. My poems aren’t brilliantly bad anymore. *shocked gasp* I think maybe I should just take a break, maybe find something to inspire me, etcetera, etcetera, et cet er a.


And so and so
And so
Putting E T C at the end
Of the lines and rows
To indicate a going-forth
A never-ending thought that’s not
Ending soon enough
For us
To write down all we’ve got.

You see what I mean? 😦 “Well, you can just write a book of good poetry then!” you might say encouragingly. (Thanks for the encouragement by the way! Oh wait…that was me…) But the problem with that = There are already enough good poetry books out there! I’m trying to write something BAD. Like, REALLY bad.

You don’t mind that I’m sharing all this do you? I mean, as a writer, should I be closed about my weaknesses? What if it makes me look bad? Well, whatever. That’s the way I look at it. My theory is that it may be more detrimental to hide my weaknesses than to spread them like peanut butter all over the Happy House.

Well, hope you enjoyed that peanut butter.

Okay, well just looked at one of my poems, and it wasn’t all that bad. But I’m going to leave that peanut butter up there because otherwise I’ll lose like half my post. 🙂

Well, enjoy your Monday, and for the meantime, hop over to Excellence in Bad to take a peek at how it’s shaping up! 🙂


4 thoughts on “Excellence in Bad

  1. I saw the new site, and the invitation to share. If I write something worse than bad, what’s the best way to send it to the ‘editor’ for review?

    If the inspiration has faded, you might let your mind wander for a time. If you’re not thinking about it, I’m sure the gift of bad poetry will bless you 🙂

    • Thanks for the encouragement, Janna. 🙂

      I don’t know exactly how it works…but could you just go to excellenceinbad.wordpress.com/wp-admin, and write it as a draft for me to publish?

  2. A book of bad poetry… let me think about that for a moment. That’s an excellent idea! I’ll have to go check out your new site. I can’t write good poetry so maybe I’ll be sending you a bad one like Janna.

    • Please do send me some bad verses. Excellence In Bad is a haven for bad poems/poets, so feel free to contribute!!! I can add you as a contributer if you’re interested in putting something up.

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