Getting to Know the World of Write

It’s an odd feeling.

A year ago, before I started gung-ho’ing it into the world of publishing, I was very inexperienced. I knew about Penguin books, Alfred A. Knopf, Random House. I knew that to get published, you should probably catch an agent…something I may be able to do in a dozen queries. (Ha, ha.) I assumed that I’d get royalties for books sold, that I’d probably get famous, and all that bla-bla-bla. But I didn’t know the World of Write.

The World of Write is full of faces, and familiar ones at that. I keep seeing the names of Nathan Bransford, Rachelle Gardner, Michael Bourret, Suzie Townsend, Mary Kole, etcetera, etcetera!!! Like a bunch of sorta-famous people that I just didn’t know before I started this journey.

It just is kind of funny how many names I’m recognizing…people I didn’t even know existed in pre-pre-publication days. (Notice the double-prefix, he he :-))

I’m slowly getting to know the World of Write. I’m fairly new to this neighborhood, and I’m meeting my neighbors one-by-one. Well, I mean, at least I’ve seen them. I haven’t really met a lot of them. But you know what I mean.


6 thoughts on “Getting to Know the World of Write

  1. It’s a bit overwhelming. I’m afraid if I ever meet any of them I’ll go groupie on them and stalk them for an autograph or something 🙂 I’m kidding, by the way. Sort of…

    • Made me laugh, thanks. 🙂 I’ve got some interesting thoughts about autographs, remind me to write a post on it someday.

      I don’t think I’d want their autograph, I’d want to give them my partial!!! 😀

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