They’re Green!…?

A couple days ago, as I was getting a new pair of glasses, the associate helping me looked into my eyes and said:

“You’ve got green eyes.”

Thank you!!! As some of you may remember, I’ve been debating my eye color—whether they are blue, green, gray, or a party of colors. (I can see different colors dancing around inside my eyes, and then one of them says, “Hey, he’s looking into the mirror! Who wants to step over to the window this time?”) Well, I’m still not entirely convinced, but this glasses-lady’s comment was a step in the right direction.

I’m now leaning toward the party-of-colors theory. Maybe they’re green one minute, and blue the next, and a depressing Siberia gray the next.

It’s kind of like personality. You could be one person while you’re around family, then another when you’re with friends, and then yet another person in the workplace. Or, in the writing arena, you might have one voice in pen and another in the real world. You could be wildly expressive as a writer yet shockingly introverted as a regular person. You could be insanely funny in your writing but as lame as a dead donkey in person. You might be sharp and to-the-point when you write, but beat around the bush when talking to real people. Perhaps you play games? You might be a ruthless chess master, but then go on and become the perfect gentlemen and hold doors open for ladies.

Is everything always black and white?

Are our eyes always blue?


8 thoughts on “They’re Green!…?

  1. Actually, my eyes are always blue…but the shade of blue changes. Does that count?

    So, is your eye color linked to certain personality traits? Are you chatty when they’re blue, brooding when they’re green , philosophical when they’re gray? Not that it matters…I was just curious because that would be interesting 🙂

    • Sure, that counts! Different shades of blue…so perhaps when you’re feeling bright & chipper, they’re a bright robin’s egg blue, then when you’re feeling a little “blue” (ha ha), they shift to a stoney steely hue?

      Hmmmm…you know what, that would be AWESOME!!!! 😀 I like that idea, and I wonder if you’re right? Perhaps I will ask somebody. (Ask them to superanalyze me every living second…) Or do you mean the other way around…somehow when my eyes turn green, it makes me feel excited? etc?

  2. I think what I wear affects my eye color the most. If I wear periwinkle blue, my eyes look more blue. I know my cat’s eyes are green, but when she gets mad, they turn dark. Weird.

    Whether your eye color changes based on moood, or mood changes the eye color – either way would be cool. Good luck finding someone to gaze into your eyes and take notes for the entire day to find out if there is a correlation!

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