To Rhododendron

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166 Koninklijke Blvd.
Elsewheredam, Nederlands


Thanks for your lovely letter. I’m faring fine, although still no water for a couple/few weeks. I guess I’m used to it. He keeps me warm, at least. I have a nice spot by the heater, and sometimes, Joseph has placed me at the window so I can drink up some of the sun. (Although, more often than not, it’s depressing; I’m only a couple feet from sunshine on a daily basis, so I can look at it but not have it…)

How is your family? Oh that’s right, they’re frozen for the winter. I keep forgetting that you are a house plant and they are in the garden out-doors. Ha ha. Silly me. Always forgetting. Is it cold in the Nederlands?

Has it really been seven years since I came to live at Joseph’s house? Tsk, tsk, time flies I suppose. ‘Specially when you’re a plant.

Give my regards to all the other houseplants…tell Aunt Rose, and the Pansy’s, and Violet and Rubber-Planty that I love them.

Miss you all.



9 thoughts on “To Rhododendron

    • Unfortunately, no. It was just the stamp I had on hand. 🙂 Planty was give to me from a relative, and I want to say it was given to him from a relative (It’s the kind of plant you can just break into pieces and re-plant). So I guess I will have to give a piece to one of my relatives someday.

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