Planty’s Plight: A Happy Ending

For those of you who have been following Planty’s Plight (Parts one and two), the story has come to a happy conclusion. Planty is now sitting in  my window, basking in the sunlight accompanied by a (1/3 empty!) bottle of water.
For all of you who really care deeply about Planty, please feel free to leave me a comment every now and then reminding me to take care of him. Perhaps sometime soon he will get a change of soil…maybe a bigger pot. But for now, Planty is happy in what little sun there is today.
Also, special thanks to Rhododendron for his support during this tough time.

10 thoughts on “Planty’s Plight: A Happy Ending

    • Ah, yes, I thought it was from the Jade family! 🙂 I wasn’t sure. Planty never spoke of it. (He’s not über-talkative…for a plant, I mean)

      And I’m sorry about Aunt Rhody’s gray goose. 😦 That must have been tragic.

    • Yes, that usually makes a death worse when folk singers make light of it. Like when they sing about strangling old oak trees with yellow ribbons. My forest friends did not take kindly to that.

      Okay. I must stop this banter now. 😀 It’s way too much fun, my productivity level is reaching 0 (other than engaging in comment wars, that is)!!! :0

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