Dewrder DONE!!! (Sorta)

Hey everyone. How’s it going.


At midnight last night, I wrote poem #99, “Spiff-Spoff,” in Dewrder, thus completing (sorta) my first draft of the manuscript!!!!!!!! 😀

Sushi for EVERYONE!!!!

Yummy. Raw. (Ew)


Yah, so the last poem is called “Spiff-Spoff,” and it contains a brand-new poetic device called a “Spoff.” Intrigued? He he. 😀 Well, it’s actually not so brand-new…but now it has a name. It’s when you…

Well maybe another time. >:)

So…It’s done!!!

Draft #1 finished. Next step: Editing. Woohoo. Urah. 😡

Signing out



8 thoughts on “Dewrder DONE!!! (Sorta)

    • Thanks, fellow BP, PTC!!!
      Didn’t know you had a book of BP going? Well, I’ve got more poems in me than 99, so I don’t think this is the end of Bad Poetry for me either…but it’s a nice big load of rot to publish, at least!!! 🙂

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