A Puddly Day

Today, being a day unburdened by work and class (fortunately and unfortunately), I felt lazy, so I went for a walk. It was really puddly on the roads today, and as a car drove by and splashed through a puddle, I realized—Perhaps it was not so great an idea to wear white pants. 🙂 Surprisingly, though, there’s just some spots on my cuffs, and a couple on my calves, and that appears to be it. Hmm.

I’d like to see your spin on this little open-ended lesson. 🙂

It was a great walk…A great time to breathe, (Bah! to stuffy houses!) to pray, to let my thoughts wander everywhere. I enjoyed myself. At the end of four miles, my legs hurt…that’s a good sign, right?

Get out there and take a walk! Stop your daily grind for a bit, and go for a stroll. De-stress. Think some soaring thoughts. Forget about what’s dragging you down. Ah, yes. Now you’re getting it.




7 thoughts on “A Puddly Day

  1. Yes! I needed this reminder! I think I was over-stressing myself out about getting exercise in that I’ve ended up entirely avoiding physical activity. You’re so right that a good walk is not only pleasing to the heart, but also refreshing for the mind! I can handle a walk. =)

  2. I think maybe I will do exactly that, and take my camera! While I won’t be going 4 miles – possibly not even 1, as these runner’s legs just can’t do that any more, I will nevertheless enjoy breathing the air God provides, and know that with each breath, I take in another part of God into my life – body and soul! Hope the rest of your week is as filled with joy and peace enough. . .

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