Why Do Movie Stars Wear Sunglasses?

Hmm…Why do movie stars wear sunglasses?

Photo credit: From Wikimedia Commons. © Hamed Saber

Is it because it’s cool? Is it because sunglasses add an air of mystery to a person’s face? Maybe it’s just a fashion statement: I don’t have to look at you, I’ve got better things to do?

Maybe they just like to show off how much money they have. Sunglasses can get very expensive…just look for a nice pair of Dolce & Gabanna or Ray-Ban. When you see those diamond-encrusted specs, what do you think is in their back pocket? Hmmm…

Is it because sunglasses add a youthful air to people? To  give them that I-feel-twenty-forever-and-I’m-indestructable feeling?

Maybe not.

I’ll tell you why movie stars wear sunglasses.

© Jonathan McIntosh

Sunglasses have a way of masking your identity. Of hiding you in a certain way…After all, who wants to live their whole lives in the public eye? Eesh. How depressing. 😦

Would you like to live your life under the public eye? I know movie stars may have it rough; just look at one of the oh-so-common tabloid stars. They make one slip, it’s published all over the country. “Photos from Louise’s private wedding!” they boast. I mean come on. Seriously. Give it a rest, paparazzi. The lenses come out, the movie stars slip on their shades…

But we writers have it different, I’d like to believe. We can publish a book, then retire to our mountain cabin, I’d like to believe.

Of course, notice how I keep saying, I’d like to believe. I’m not sure it’s true…This is partly why I’ve wanted to keep my writerly identity secret (That, and I don’t place a lot of faith in the internet’s “benevolence”). It’d be nice to walk down the street, and instead of having people say, “Hey look, it’s JOSEPH CABITT!!!!! AAAAAAAhHH!!!!!” they’ll say, “Hey, how’s it going,—”

Oops, did you really think I’d tell? 😉


22 thoughts on “Why Do Movie Stars Wear Sunglasses?

  1. It’s those stupid camera flashes… it makes it hard for them to drive… that’s why they get in so many accidents too.

    If I was famous, I’d wear sun glasses too. And as far as writers being different, I like to believe a pen name still affords some privacy.

  2. The mysterious writer identity builds a lot of intrigue. =) Didn’t think I would, but I love it! It seems to work for you. =)

  3. Wow, you must live a nice place. People here will barely look you in the eyes and when they do, they certainly don’t ask, “Hey, how’s it going?”

    I agree with your thought that stars hide behind their sunglasses.

    • 🙂 Well, I don’t necessarily get that from random nobody’s when I walk down the street (I don’t go to town much) but I do have quite a large number of acquaintances that I bump into on a normal basis at the local grocery store.

  4. I bought my “Dior” sunglasses while I was in Vietnam and they haven’t lasted very well at all. One of the arms has fallen off and it’s really tricky to try and balance them on my nose without looking weird. So I’m glad no one is trying to photograph me. That said, I did have a waitress recently – one I’d never seen before – tell me she was reading my book. Strange. I was too shy to ask if she was actually enjoying it.

    I like the happy shade of green, btw, JP, it works well.

    • 😀 Well, you must be wary of foreign sold “brands…”

      LOL—That’s pretty awesome about the waitress. 🙂

      Thanks. I was ready for a change. This is a kind of “Planty” theme…unintentionally, in honor of my roommate. (Whose name is Planty. No, really. He’s a plant.)

    • OH OH OH I get it now! I thought you were reading a book in a restaurant, and she was reading over your shoulder. 😀 Now I get it.

      But that’s kind of neat, that she recognized you…neat in a homey sort of way. I imagine it would be a bit different if they were flocking to you all the time…

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