I Dream of Jeanie (If Jeanie Happens To Be a Pet Tiger, That Is…)

Last night, I had a dream that I owned a pet tiger. It was soft & cuddly (and didn’t kill me). I called it “My Baby.” Sounds eccentric? Well, it is, and I am. At the beginning of this dream, the tiger started baring its teeth—it was getting hungry. Oh no! And so its caretakers grabbed a giant mattress-sized dish of milk. Now, why it had to be mattress-sized, I’m not sure, seeing as the milk was only like an inch deep. Couldn’t it have been smaller? Ah well, I don’t know. I’m not responsible for making my dreams. (Consciously, at least…)

Well, somehow, we managed to keep this tiger’s wild, bloodthirsty, man-eating television instincts at bay for the rest of the dream. Don’t ask me how, and don’t ask me why it was satisfied with milk in the first place. I think we fed it kibble later on…

© Tomas Fano. Wikimedia commons.

Next dream. (I had a lot of them—I’m only sharing two here.) I was driving my car with a friend, and we stopped to get some petrol(?). While my buddy was standing outside the car, I decided to have a little fun with my lights. So I started flashing my blinkers, and “Racing Lights” (please don’t ask me what they were or what they looked like, I just know that they had to do with a black & white checkered flag.) in time with a song in my head. It was good lol, i thought. Until  my friend stated blankly, “You burned out your headlights!!!”

Got out of the car and examined my poor headlights. He was right. The light bulbs were charred and black. Fail. He started stressing about how I had to get new headlights, while I came to that glorious realization that it was just a dream, and it would be over soon.

“It’s fine,” I told him. “When I wake up, they’ll be good as new.”

It’s good to be awake.


7 thoughts on “I Dream of Jeanie (If Jeanie Happens To Be a Pet Tiger, That Is…)

    • 😀 Glad someone liked my dream. I knew it was very random, and was thinking about following up today with a more substantial post…but I guess this was good for lolz at least. 🙂

      Welcome to my blog, thanks for stopping by! 🙂

    • Once I had a dream that I was unable to exit, even though I knew it was a dream. Try THAT for living torture. (Uh, as opposed to dead torture I guess…) But it is bucketloads of fun when you know it’s a dream, and you can control your environment.

  1. Oooh, a pet tiger would be so cool! I am glad you realized your headlights would be just fine and you didn’t have to worry about getting home safely 🙂

    I have some pretty strange dreams too. I used to have waitressing nightmares where everything went wrong and people were getting mad at me. The strangest one was where I’d just had a baby and it turned out to be a kitten. I still can’t figure out what on earth that was supposed to mean.

    • Aye, a pet tiger would be pretty awesome (unless he went ballistic…).

      That’s an awfully disturbing bit about the kitten, I bet THAT was nice to wake up from… 😀

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