The Big “W”


Now, before you read any further, don’t misunderstand this—I really don’t begrudge people who use Blogger, or think they’re horrible people who should be jailed for using said platform. I guess I just don’t see why someone would use Blogger when I find WordPress…well…prettier and easier to use. That’s what this post is about. It’s not a hate-fest, so don’t worry. 🙂

I do follow and like a couple Blogger-blogs (That sounds weird.) like this one…But I would like to know…is anybody Blogger-prejudice? 🙂

The pettiest things can set people off. Now, we all know about racism; judging another person by their race or the color of their skin. But how about other forms of prejudice—Southerners vs. Northerners? Yale vs. Harvard? How about rich vs. poor, or dreads vs. braids? Even sports teams? (Seriously?!)

The list goes on. Vegetarian, non vegetarian? Do you like Austen or Brontë? Historical fiction, contemporary romance? Do you write or draw? Keyboard, or paper and pen? Paper or plastic, or canvas or hemp, or whatever those eco-guilty bags are made of? (Plastic? Earth-hater!!!)

Like I said before, Blogger doesn’t completely turn me off—let me rephrase that: It doesn’t completely turn me off your blog. (It does turn me off as a platform I wouldn’t use, though.) I find that—for myself—there’s a lot more creative potential in WordPress than in Blogger, and myself being a diehard creative, I like that about it. WordPress gives you the ability to not only write posts, but pages. PAGES!!! Oh my, how exciting! It’s just like a website!

There are some more reasons to use it…For instance, an article by “Professor Beej” points out that the built-in stats as well as the commenting easiness of WordPress (any WordPress’ers ever tried commenting on Blogger?) make it a superior platform.

If I may use a pop-culture reference—WordPress is simply the Big W.

So once again, I must clarify myself—I am NOT JUDGING YOU if you use Blogger. This whole discussion is about preference, not right and wrong. And further clarification: WordPress did NOT pay me to write this article. I’m just sharing something that I like to think about.

So…the Googlite Blogger, or the Big W? What has been your experience with them, and which do you prefer?


P.S. If anybody’s tried both WordPress and Blogger, and has found Blogger more choice-worthy, please, feel free to drop in your own two cents!!!

P.S.2. – Blogger logo from 🙂 Thanks!

Okay, that’s it. Seriously.


21 thoughts on “The Big “W”

  1. ha ha!
    I like most WordPress blogs better than Blogger blogs. But I’m not one to speak. I’ve only been blogging for 6 months – and even in those months haven’t spent a whole lot of time looking around. I have always wanted to switch to WordPress, but when I started, blogger looked easier. At the moment I needed easy. Believe me. I needed easy. Is WordPress easy?

    Also, I created pages on my blogger blog. Maybe I’m confused though – are these not the kinds of pages you’re referring to? Maybe your blog is the kick I need to get me moving on over to WordPress!

    • I find WordPress super-easy to use…I’ve been blogging for about a year though, and nine months of that year on WordPress, so I’m used to it. You should give it a shot!! 🙂 Trust me.

      Really? I didn’t know you could have pages on Blogger…

  2. I use both! I like blogger because I don’t have to log in again (I do lots of stuff through google) and now you can create pages in blogger which you couldn’t in the past. WordPress is a lot more customizable. I self host my WordPress. It requires a lot more maintenance than blogger. If you’re just trying to get a blog up and running, they’re both about the same in terms of ease of use.

    I don’t prefer one over the other.

    • Hmm, wow, you don’t prefer one over the other…Shocking! 🙂 I have my wordpress set on “remember me,” so it stays logged-in all day. And I imagine with self-hosting, yes, you’re going to need more maintenance—maybe that’s why. My blog just kinda runs itself. 😀

  3. I started out on Blogger, and used it for about 8 months, because i didn’t know any better! At the advice at one of my stalwart WordPress followers, who despite the difficulties, did not stop reading my blog, I went over to WP the end of September 2010. Best thing I ever did! While I have occasional problems with WP, I nevertheless find it immensely better, and my readership almost tripled immediately, and has only continued to grow. Of course, part of that I attribute to my superlative writing and interest-factor. But I would, wouldn’t I? (LOL 😀 , *GRIN*, ROFLMHO!)

    Good post. I hope it gives people an idea that there really is a choice out there. And don’t worry – you do not come off sounding judgmental! As a matter of fact:

    You have bent over backwards to be fair,
    Though most of your readers won’t care.
    So I say fervently,
    In all honesty,
    Of your fairness we all are aware!

    • W00H00! 🙂 Congrats for the switch—*fist bump*

      That’s an interesting stat about your readers…

      Seems so far that people start out with the B, then switch over to the Big W after they gain some experience. Or most people at least.

      Glad I don’t sound judgmental
      Cause that would not be coincidental,
      And the doctors that deal with teeth are called dental
      (I mean dentist—
      But I digrissed—)

  4. I have both. And I would choose Blogger over WordPress.

    I don’t find WordPress to be as user friendly. And I like the layout of blogger better (it reminds me of an iPad). I think WordPress can be more original and maybe even more professional looking (but I don’t think most people have the tech skills to make it look good). And you can do pages with Blogger.

    The thing I like most about blogger is that it’s connected to Google, which I feel gives it several marketing advantages.

    But to be honest, I’m not as familiar with wordpress as much (still learning how to use it) so I may change my tune someday.

    • Oh, and congratulations!!! You were the 998th comment! (I’d say you were the 1000’th, but I was the 1000’th, and I can’t congratulate myself…you were the most recent before that. :D)

  5. I’m WordPresser to the bone! 😀 Blogger-blogs are slower to open and yes, sometimes commenting as WordPresser is impossible and I have to do it with my Google ID. I’m not sure I like that “followers” feature either – it’s like posting your stats (or subscribers, which isn’t allowed, thank God!) on WP! 😦
    I’ll stick to WP (free) software even for my (future) web page, for a technophobe like me, it’s really user-friendly! 😀
    Happy blogging!

    • *international fist bump* Go WP! 🙂 So you don’t post your stats on your blog? How about your tallied total # of hits?

      My subscribers list isn’t anything that would make me look grand if I posted it. 😀

      • not anymore – although I celebrated 10.000hits. But I didn’t put it on the sidebar, and I’m not saying how many subscribers I have either (and next “hits” celebration is for 100.000, I wonder how long it will take me! ;-)). But on Blogger-blogs it’s all there and you have those silly contests “Let’s get to 200 followers” or stuff like that, and I wonder if those bloggers are high-schoolers or adults… 😉
        But that’s just plain old grumpy me! 😀

      • Well, this wasn’t supposed to be a Bloggerbashing Party… 😀

        100,000? (yes, I use a comma there!) Oh my! I’m having a hard enough time getting to ten thousand…

  6. Half my friends use WordPress the other half Blogger. There are a few things I don’t like about Wordpess but overall I am happy with the platform and find it easy to use. A few people have suggested a start a Blogger account. After reading your great post I think I’ll stick with WordPress. Thank you!

    • Glad I could influence somebody to stick with the Big W! Dig underneath the palm-trees…you just may find the treasure underneath!!! (Have you ever seen It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World? That’s where all the Big-W references are coming from…)

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