Take The Time, See What Happens

Today, I put Planty in the sun…something I’ve been neglectful of lately partially because since he got his new (bigger) pot, he no longer fits on the window sill. So I took him off his little side-table that’s usually his home, and parked him on a chest in the path of the sun.

He was pretty happy.

Here are  a few photos of our fun morning together.

Lately, I have noticed how green Planty has become. Maybe, it’s because instead of simply letting him be a piece of furniture, I’ve treated him with real care. Maybe ‘cuz I started actually watering him on a seminormal basis, and have been taking the time to place him in the sun, and bought him a new pot when it looked like he was outgrowing his old one.

What would happen if we treated our possessions with this care? What things in your life need watering, need sunlight, or need a new pot? What have you been neglecting…responsibilities, possessions, people, your walk with God? This is an appeal to think about any areas where things are “just okay” (the way Planty used to be), and how you could bring those things back to life. Stop for a minute, take the time, and see what happens.


8 thoughts on “Take The Time, See What Happens

  1. For some reason or other, I received a photo that should have come to Planty. I will try and get it to Planty as soon as i can figure out a way to get it to him/her. It is from Planty’s great-great-Uncle Jadey, who appears to be quite happy, from what I can see. I don’t know the name of the lady in the photo, nor who sent me the pic, but there is a brief message for Planty that came along with it: “Dear Planty: Don’t give up. Someday you could be big and strong like me! Love, Uncle Jadey”

  2. I’ve taken the last few days off from writing (despite what twitter says hehe) to recharge. I’ve been neglecting my creative mind, and I needed to refill it with new ideas/possibilities (reading did the trick). You’re right, we have to take the time 🙂

    • Ah reading. Where would we writers be without reading? (Which goes both ways, cause if nobody read we’d be writing for our own enjoyment…)

      And yes, there is a difference between giving something adequate attention, and giving Planty too much water. 😉

  3. Wow, I don’t even know where to start on what is getting neglected – there’s always something because I don’t have time to do it all. It’s rarely the kids or my job. Most often, it’s housework, going through the mail, sleep and sometimes writing.

    I’m glad planty is thriving in the sun 🙂

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