Almost There—!!



(Okay not really…but it’s nice to think about.)

Hopefully will have some blogging time sometime soon. For now, maybe a couple posts a week, and some hopelessly random tweets. 😀

See y’all soon…


6 thoughts on “Almost There—!!

  1. You’re funny. I need to post something like this on my poor blog. I’ve been constant on there since November. But then “Japan” happened and I’ve been too heavy-hearted to post anything new (the two reviews I posted were written before the Quake/Tsunami. I just can’t seem to write…but I hope this doesn’t last past this weekend. Up and at ’em tomorrow!

    So, even if you stick to only two posts a week, at the moment that’s a lot better than me.

    Take care and enjoy your week

    • 😀 Blogs have moments of silence. What doesn’t though?

      I would think that the Japan catastrophe would be good blog-fodder if you have some things to say about it. Unless of course you had loved ones over there, in which case, blogging takes low-priority. But that aside—yes, get blogging!!! 🙂

    • Unfortunately, t’aint rest I’m taking.
      The world in an oven myself is baking.
      Pounded my desk today in frustration.
      Too bad I didn’t have any powdered milk by Carnation.
      No loony bin for me—but wait,
      Do you know if they have a good rate?
      (For a loony bin, you see, PTC,
      It’s like a hotel but a lot more funny!!!)

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