A Huge Welcome To…

Gershwin McLelund!!! He arrived last night, and quickly took his place next to Planty. You should see Planty lately. He’s elated. (As elated as a plant can be, that is!) Gone are the days of sitting at home by himself doing nothing.

Here’s some pictures.

Gershwin!!! Looking spiffy at sunrise.

Another shot of Gershwin.

Of course, we gotta have an epic shot of him. 🙂

That’s all for today, y’all. Have a nice weekend!!!


12 thoughts on “A Huge Welcome To…

  1. Wow! Good thing Planty’s not jealous. =) I’m so glad that Planty now has company — I know Fénix the kitty is bored to death in my little apartment. =P Will need to get him some company too!

    • Thanks TS! 🙂 They haven’t stopped talking since Gershwin woke up this morning. On a possibly related note, he’s looking a little tired. (Planty could talk the hind leg off a mule!)

  2. Gershwin looks suspiciously like a Christmas Cactus, but this Supreme Monarch of Black Thumbs could definitely be wrong. In any event, if it is, the first name – such you’ve decided that this is a male plant should be Noel or Kris or some such – even Rudolph, since he has so many red “noses.”

    Got your e-mail. I’ll get back to you very soon.

    Say “Hey! to Planty for me.

    • Ya know, he does look like a Christmas Cactus, however he happens to be a Sunrise Cactus. (Unlike Planty, I do know his species!) In which case, Noel, Kris or Rudolph would not be entirely random, however somewhat out of place. Were the option of renaming him available, it may be more appropriate to call him Don. (he he!)

      Planty says yo, and to say hello to Aunt Rhody.

  3. Wow, Gershwin is a flambouyant plant! So colorful. I hope Planty isn’t “green” with envy…

    (I’m pretty sure corny plant jokes is a sign that I should step away from the computer and get some sleep.)

    So, that is what I shall do….

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