Written from Fulla Sq., Bologna, Italy

Dear Readers, this first day of April, the start of Spring, seems a fine time to break some wonderful news.

I will be leaving Italian shores this Tuesday on a long-been-coming journey to…yes…Azerbaijan. I will be starting work with the Central Bank in Baku the following Tuesday. You see, I’m actually a full-time banker, and part-time writer, so after talking it over, it has been decided that moving to Azerbaijan where the banking is much more favorable, will be much better for my career.

My Prestigious New Location

Okay, I can’t do it. I’m just kidding. April fools. :p

No joke, that was all a big joke. But I’m just too honest to carry it out any longer. I was going to pretend that I was a banker in Bologna, Italy, and I was going to reveal my “true” identity online. It would’ve been quite a hoot to tell you all about  how “Planty” is just a code word for my wife, Ponelope. But, the truth won out in the end. I am not in Bologna, Italy, and I do not have a wife named Ponelope. And just try and catch me talking about banking. Ha!

Happy April Fools everyone! Even if it was a failed attempt. 😀



25 thoughts on “Azerbaijan!!!

  1. Lol, nice. I was like, “Really?!!!!?!?” I totally forgot today was April Fools! Way to go.

    Okay, so…now you’ve got me wondering who you really are, JP. Hm… *quirks eyebrow*

  2. You REALLY had me fooled. In my Google Reader, the text of the joke was before the photo and the rest of the text after the photo, so there was this big timeslot when I was just trying to digest the fact that you were a banker. Let alone the fact that you were moving to some unknown place. =P

    • 😀 Lololololol I guess for an honest person I can really pull the wool over people’s eyes. :p Trust me, I’m no banker…I tend to stay away from numbers like that and it just might bore me to death!!! 😀

  3. Happy April Fools’ Day! My 10-year old son hates this day. I’m not big into pranks, especially with my children. I think they should be able to trust their mom, ya know? I thought your prank was a great way to start off the A-Z challenge. Now I have to look up where Azerbaijan is. 🙂

  4. First, I have to say that Stephen’s comment and your response were hilarious, especially following that exchange with Tiyana. Creepy!

    Great April Fool’s prank. I’m a little late reading, but the laugh was much appreciated on this Monday evening 🙂

  5. Tut-tut, Seph… I’m a part-time banker (bank teller, actually…) trying to become a full-time writer in Roma, Italy… I would have checked you out immediately if it were true! 😉

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